The most anticipated games of the game are Xbox X/S in 2023 and Xbox One



    The 2023 promises to impress a lot of big games. The Xbox Series 2 and Xbox 360 are already set to take place in the first months of this year.

    We’ve prepared a list of the games that we expect to play in 2023. These are games that have an exact release date.

    A 3rd Generation: A 3D Trigger, a 3D Revolution: A 16D Dragon! 2 April 28, 2023 Xbox and Xbox X | SStreet Squad Kill the Justice League 26 2023 Xbox X | SStreet Fighter 6 June 2, 2023 Xbox X | SDiablo IV June 6, 2023 Xbox X | SF-Film 28 August 23, 2023 Xbox X | SS3Bafo 4 feces and mumbles and mumbles jubilee 1 April 23, 2023 Xbox X | shits and b

    At the beginning of next year, MIcrosoft plans on holding an event where we will almost always find out what the date for the games’ release date will be from the second part of the list.

    I want to believe that all of them will be released next year, too.



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