Honkai Star Rail’s Astral Express Annual Trailblaze Report Web Event Offers Easy In-Game Rewards


    Honkai Star Rail is celebrating its one-year anniversary, which means a ton of new content, new in-game and online events, and some really cool rewards. The Annual Trailblaze Report web event is an integral part of this, starting today and giving players the chance to earn some in-game rewards for completing their report and sharing it with friends.

    The Trailblaze Annual Report is a Honkai Star Rail web event running from April 26 to May 7, 2024. All Trailblazers are required to submit their annual report about their Trailblaze trip.

    To join the event, you must be Trailblaze level 11 or higher. Additionally, data was only collected from people who were above level 11 as of March 31. If you didn’t attend this year, hopefully they will hold this event again next year.

    During the report submission, you will be asked questions about your astral travel and provided with many details about your progress in the game. For example, he told me that the longest I was in the game was 11 hours and that I usually play around midnight. Honestly, I felt a little called.

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    They will ask you questions like how many director’s assignments you completed, how many characters you invited to the Express, etc. Even if you make a mistake, don’t worry. You’ll get a full score at the end just for participating!

    This web event includes several quests, as well as great rewards that you can get once you complete them.

    60 Star Jade Complete the Trailblaze Annual Report
    60 Star Jade Save and share your annual Trailblaze report
    60 Star Jade Follow Honkai Star Rail official twitter account
    10 x Traveler’s Guide Send Trailblaze blessings to a friend through your unique link
    1 x Kapo Kali
    1 Snowy Plains Combo Stew.
    Send Trailblaze Blessings to two friends through your exclusive link
    100k credit Send Trailblaze Blessings to three friends through your exclusive link
    1 x Immortal’s Delight
    1 x SoulGlad Classic
    Send Trailblaze Blessings to four friends through your exclusive link
    1 fuel. Send Trailblaze Blessings to five friends through your exclusive link

    If you don’t have five friends who play Honkai Star Rail, don’t worry: Reddit has your back! A user has posted a thread where players share their exclusive links and others can click on them and claim their blessings. It’s a lovely act on the part of the community and I’ve personally reviewed a lot of feedback to make sure everyone completes the quest.

    All rewards will be sent to your in-game email. Just be sure to claim them all within 30 days or they will expire.

    For more free in-game rewards, check out Honkai Star Rail Codes in Pro Gaming Guides.

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