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    Armament Haki is one of the most powerful fighting styles in Roblox Demon Piece when it comes to overall stats, which is why many players try to obtain it in the game. If you’re struggling to get it yourself, I’ve got you covered with this essential guide to help you unlock Armament Haki in Demon Piece.

    How to Unlock Armament Haki in Demon Piece – Roblox

    To obtain Armament Haki in Demon Piece, you will need to complete the Ancient Arts Quest for NPC Alphirex. Apparently, the NPC has lost the scroll somewhere on Jungle Island and it contains the secret technique for learning Ancient Arts. Once you find the scroll, you will have the option to purchase Armament Haki from the NPC Alphirex for 55,000 belizes.

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    To start, make sure you have at least level 60 and you have 50,000 in cash in your inventory to unlock Jungle Island. I found the island in the Eastern Blue Sea, just behind Windmill Village.

    Where to find the NPC Alphirex in Demon Piece

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    Once you’re on Jungle Island, you’ll find a huge square gray mountain at the eastern end. Just head up that mountain and you’ll come across a dark gray fake wall. Cross this wall and you will find Alphirex on the other side. At this point, you must talk to the NPC by pressing my on your keyboard, and he will explain how he lost the scroll and ask you to find it.

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    How to complete the ancient arts quest

    As I said before, the only way to complete the Ancient Arts quest is to find the lost scroll and return it to the NPC Alphirex. To save you precious time, I have gathered all the potential locations where you can find the scroll in Demon Piece:

    • In the big blue building in Shells Town.
    • In Orange Town in one of the wooden towers.
    • Right next to the Dojo master located on Jungle Island.
    • At a table on the second floor outside Baratie.
    • Inside the cave in Starter Town near the bandit miniboss.
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    I highly recommend heading to the Dojo Teacher location as it is also located on Jungle Island. Once you have the scroll in your inventory, return to Alphirex and complete the challenge. At this point, talk to the NPC again and the option to purchase Armament Haki will finally appear on the screen.

    All Armament Haki Updates

    Haki weaponry costs 55,000 Beli and can be upgraded to level 5. Here is the list of statistics:

    • Level 1: +5% DAMAGE
    • Level 2: +10% DAMAGE
    • Level 3: +15% DAMAGE
    • Level 4: +25% DAMAGE
    • Level 5: +35% DAMAGE

    I highly recommend defeating bandits, completing quests, and opening chests to earn Beli and level up Haki quickly. You can activate it by pressing G on your keyboard whenever a boss is nearby. This particular fighting style works best against bosses like Sand Dragon, Guard Captain, and Morgan, as it deals significant damage to enemies with huge hit points.

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