Samsung Galaxy: how to launch multiple timers simultaneously on One UI 5?


    The Koreas interface provides a lot of new features with the latest Samsung One UI 5. A key to them is the ability to run multiple timers simultaneously.

    If you’ve upgraded to One UI 5 (Android 13), a few timers at the same time are available on the Samsung phones. Whether its not missing a sauce, and the pan-fried vegetables simmer and the fish slow brown, this function can be very useful, not only in the kitchen. We’ll give you some instructions for launching a couple of timers simultaneously.

    One UI 5: How to start several timers in the same time?

    Start the watch app and select the Timer tab.

    If you set your first timer and start it, turn off the button To start. Press the button button and press the right.

    On the page that is shown, you can define and start a second timer. If one is able to set several in a row, we stopped at twenty different timers.

    On Timer, you can switch them between them by scrolling parallelly. Unfortunately, One UI 5 does not allow you to show some more on the same page.

    This feature is available on all new Galaxy smartphones. Find out the entire list in our dedicated file below.

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