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    Some complained that theirs got stuck at 25%, mine didn’t.

    Proposals for Biocentre

    After some confusing failures trying to figure out how to handle the bio center, I thought I’d share.

    This is the last remaining “question mark” at the top left of the tech tree. This is achieved by accepting an alliance with the population of Remus, and then finding three items in all three temples.

    1. Wait until all your batteries are ready before clicking the “Initiate Adaptation” button. Otherwise, all your staff is turned over, no one is working, those who are left are overworked, and whether the plow fails or the trust fails, you’re doomed. will If the batteries are already in place, you’re fine, as adaptation will happen faster than those other systems fail.
    2. Since you’re going the route of Remus instead of Romulus, you don’t need any more colonists. Secure the electronics, and eliminate the colonist training center for Egypt. Rams route is very heavy on alloy – I even built a third steel mill and could barely keep it up (bioengineering center and lots of batteries… lots of alloys!) You don’t even need to kill the cryopods. . Scrap as much as you can to get more alloy – finish your cryonics center. Bio. The center simply “adopts” everyone, regardless of number. The removal also opens up more tile space for batteries for the old material.
    3. It produces a huge amount of waste – I don’t know why, it doesn’t seem to have any effect on anything. There is an upgrade under the biocenter on the tech tree to reduce waste. But who cares if there is more or less?

    Romulus and Remus both have fun endings. This game is great, kudos to the designers.

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