How to get the Black Leg fighting style in Demon Piece


    The Black Leg fighting style is one of the best combat techniques in Demon Piece due to its raw damage and easy-to-execute moves. So, here is a detailed and complete guide on how to get the Black Leg fighting style in Demon Piece.

    How to get the Black Leg fighting style in Demon Piece – Roblox

    Acquiring the Black Leg fighting style in Demon Piece is a simple journey that requires you to meet only two specific criteria.

    • Reach level 100: The best way to reach level 100 is to repeatedly complete quests with lots of XP points. I recommend taking on missions provided by the zeta and monkey hunter Jungle Island NPC and A river and King Orange Town NPC quests to earn quick XP.
    • Earn 150,000 beli: Similar to earning XP, repeating missions will save you a lot of money. Some of the best missions to earn money include zeta and monkey hunter from the jungle. Repeat these missions 3 to 4 times to get the desired amount. Additionally, you will earn a large amount of money, around 60K to 80K Beli, as he fights to reach level 100.

    After meeting both criteria, the next step is to meet the Black Leg fighting style teacher: Sanji.

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    Where is Sanji in Demon Piece?

    Image via Demon Piece Trello

    Sanji, the master of the Black Leg fighting style, can be found on the top floor of the floating island Baratie. To reach Baratie, head southeast from Windmill Village or east from Jungle Island. The island is easily recognizable by its fish shape. Once there, go to the top floor where Sanji is waiting for you near a Wanted poster.

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    Interact with him and he will ask you if you want to learn the Black Leg fighting style. Select “yes” and pay 150,000 Beli as a learning fee to master the skill. That’s all! You have learned the Black Leg Fighting style in Demon Piece.

    All Black Leg Fighting Style Skills in Demon Piece – Roblox

    After learning the fighting style, you will be able to access four skills at different levels of mastery.

    Collier: Unlocked at Mastery Level 0

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    The Collier is a lethal move in which the player rotates his hips and delivers a thunderous kick to his opponent. It is an essential movement but very effective in battle. I recommend using the move at the beginning of the fight to start/re-engage a fight.

    • personal computer:Z
    • Xbox/PS: RT or R2
    • Mobile: Click the Collier button at the bottom of the screen.

    Party Table – Unlocked at Mastery Level 65

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    Party Table is the hottest fighting move on the list. During this move, your character will turn prone and kick with both legs spinning. It is very effective in taking on multiple smaller enemies, such as bandits or chefs.

    • personal computer:X
    • Xbox/PS: RB or R1
    • Mobile: Click the Party Table button at the bottom of the screen

    Specter: Unlocked at Mastery Level 150

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    Specter is like an evolution of the Collier movement. While performing this move, your character will stand upright and perform multiple forward kicks for three to four seconds. I combine this move with Collier against boss battles or during regular fights.

    • personal computer:C
    • Xbox/PS: L1 or LB
    • Mobile: Click the Specter button at the bottom of the screen

    Diable Jamble – Unlocked at Mastery Level 250

    Image via calebtv

    The ultimate Diable Jamble changes the rules of the game during battle. Power up your leg and execute a single powerful kick at your enemy, almost dealing a lot of damage. Use this move against boss-type enemies to take away a lot of health during the fight.

    • personal computer:v
    • Xbox/PS: L2 or LT
    • Mobile: Click the Diable Jamble button at the bottom of the screen.

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