Phasmophobia Tempest Update Patch Notes – All Changes and New Features


    The Phasmophobia Tempest update makes numerous changes to the game and adds several new graphical options. Our guide summarizes these changes and new features in the patch notes for Tempest Major Update v0.8.0.0.

    Phasmophobia Tempest Update: All Major Changes and Features

    Phasmophiba’s Tempest update features many changes, but the changes made to custom difficulty and research rewards are the most notable. Other notable changes include a Ghost overhaul, graphical options, and a holiday event called Holiday 2022. Here’s a look at the most notable changes:

    • Rework Rewards and Custom Difficulty- The most significant change with the v0.8.0.0 update is that custom difficulty maps received an 80 percent reduction in all rewards. To address the 80 percent reduction, Research now earns more rewards and bonuses for completing specific objectives. Here’s a look at the changes and bonuses for Investigations:
      • Checkout page in Jurnoal to highlight rewards
      • Bonus for correctly identifying the ghost and escaping.
      • Successfully doing the following will get you more rewards at the end of the missions:
        • Identifying Ghost.
        • Acquire the Bone.
        • Fill the journal with photos of three stars.
        • Secondary objective rewards have been reduced to accommodate new rewards.

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    Phasmophobia Tempest Update Ghost rework

    Several ghosts had certain elements changed or reworked in the Tempest Update. Here is the full list of all the changes made to Ghosts in Phasmohpbia:

    • The Hunting Ghost model flashes in sync on all players.
    • Hunting Ghosts affect lights at the same range as equipment.
    • Rajius will influence the lights at 15m while other ghosts will stay at 10m.
    • Wraiths never step on a pile of salt now.
    • Obakes has a six percent chance to shapeshift and ghost-shift when blinking.
    • Obakes has at least a guaranteed chance to shapeshift.
    • Revenants are now instantly slowed after losing line of sight to players.
    • Goryos will no longer change rooms and travel long distances.
    • Hantu’s cold breath now plays in any room during hunts, but only if the switch is off.
    • Yurei no longer use their ability when there is no door in their room.

    Phasmophobia Tempest Update New Features

    In addition to the changes to rewards and progression, Phasmohiba received new features with new graphical updates. If you want to check all these new options, we recommend you take a look at the official patch notes for phasmophobia.

    • Added new fog graphics.
    • Locations start with temperatures between 10-18°C and will start at the same temperature as clear weather (8-15°C).
    • Time New Dawn.
    • Screen space ambient occlusion option.
    • Smoothing options.
    • FidelityFX 1.0 option.

    New holiday event for Phasmophobia

    Overall, the Phasmophobia Tempest update is pretty strong and adds a lot of features, changes/fixes, including a new Christmas update. The Holiday 2022 event tasks players with completing a series of objectives, with the reward being a new vacation badge Y trophy. Below is a look at the goals for the Holiday 2022 event.

    • Enter each location with a Christmas sticker and complete it in at least Intermediate difficulty – It seems that there is a total of seven locations with holiday stickers.
    • Pick up six cookies and place them near the ghost to feed them after putting the cookies on a plate.
    • Correctly identify the ghosts on all Christmas sticker maps and let them live.

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