How to get the Gunning for Your Job achievement in High on Life


    Gunning for Your Job is an achievement you can earn in High on Life by Squanch Games. It’s a must-see achievement, which means if you don’t know about it, you can skip it entirely. It is important to note that in order to get it, you need to finish the Douglas bounty before starting the Krubis bounty. During the Krubis bounty, you will reach a point where you will enter a back office run by Moplets.

    All you need to do is equip Sweezy using the scroll wheel with the mouse and point it at Helen, the receptionist. When you talk to Helen, a dialog option will appear that says I’m the new boss. At this point, you will be able to command the Moplets using different dialogue options until the achievement appears. Since you need Sweezy to do this, how do you get her into High on Life?

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    How to get Sweezy in High on Life

    Sweezy is one of the Gatlians you come across while playing High on Life. It is a rapid-fire pistol that can pierce armor and slow down time. Before you reload, it has a base ammo of 25, and you can get it right after your battle with Douglas and you can get it in-game as soon as immediately after your battle with 9-Torg.

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