Linus Roache Reflects on Batman Begins: Working with Christopher Nolan was Magical



    Roache, who played Thomas Wayne in Batman Begins, spoke about how only seven days of work on the film had impacted his entire life.

    I look back on it like, Wow! That’s seven days work and I feel more recognizeable than many things Ivedone! Since the beginning of the iconic Renaissance of Batmanand, I don’t think I realized how significant it was, said Roache. Many people come and quote that line at me: Why are we falling, Bruce? As a sailor, we’ll get ready to learn again. People say that has changed my life. That helped me really. And I like it, Wow. I’m told that movies and television are powerful and big stories.

    His actor received praise from director Christopher Nolan, i.e. the director’s ability to concentrate on a particular person in the scene.

    In his role as an actor, the most important thing in my life was working with Christopher Nolan, and appreciating how much money somebody has to get in the face of a mega-budget like huge moving parts, massive amounts of responsibility – but when I was able to win but once it was in your moment, Roache described that. I thought that was magical. Without saying it, he made you feel like it’s all that mattered. And I think that he’s an amazing guy and I love his work. Im big fan of his work.

    See Roache from the Apology, which is playing in theaters and is available for streaming via Shudder and AMC+.



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