Splatoon 3 Brush: Best Uses and Weaknesses



    Although technically a shooter, Splatoon is a franchise full of weapons players won’t find in other shooter games. Examples of these would be short range weapons like rollers and ink brushes. While these weapons have similar functions, the ink brush is a bit special in that it can seriously disorient an enemy up close. This is just about the perfect weapon for a hyper-aggressive player.

    Splatoon 3 Brush Forces

    Brushes are frontline weapons in Splatoon 3, which means they need to be close to your enemy to gain value. Ink Brush users deal damage by moving the brush back and forth, spraying ink in many directions. As such, it’s a great weapon for modes like Turf War as it covers the map in ink. While killing is always appreciated, some players forget that the goal of Turf War is to get the most ink on the ground. This is where something like a brush is appreciated, as it can cover a lot of ground quickly.

    • provides an almost guaranteed kill if you get close
    • inks the terrain well for modes like Turf War
    • can move from side to side to obscure the enemy’s vision

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    Splatoon 3 Brush Weaknesses

    Like all short-range weapons, the brush has abysmal range. It will lose to mid-range weapons like the N Zap or Splattershot Pro if they are in open space. Therefore, it is better for Brush users to stay submerged under the ink most of the time. That way, they can swim towards enemy lines and surprise long-range enemies.

    • Need to be around to work
    • Lose with ranged weapons
    • You need a lot of stealth to play well

    Splatoon 3 Brush Weapons

    Octobrush (Level 4)

    • Suction Bomb: An explosive that can stick to any surface. Once placed, it will detonate after a few seconds.
    • Zipcaster – Allows the user to grab onto a far wall and damage enemies on impact.

    Ink Brush (Level 7)

    • Splat Bomb – A small explosive that can travel quite a distance. After it lands, it will wait a couple of seconds before detonating.
    • Killer Wail 5.1: Summons six speakers around the user. All speakers will fire ink beams, some of which will follow a specific target, while others will spread out. Ink beams can hit enemies from behind walls.

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