Roblox – Ohio Codes (December 2022)



    This simple tutorial will walk you through a list of all active (working) promo codes, including Ohio (generated by DevvGames) codes. Because they can expire at any time, you should redeem them as soon as possible. If you find a promo code that is no longer valid, please let us know so we can update the list. Please note that codes do not include Robux!

    All Ohio Promo Codes

    Roblox Update: December 2022

    DevvGames created an experience for the platform called Roblox Ohio. You will compete with other players for survival on the streets of Ohio in this game. Explore the criminal underworld by robbing banks and joining gangs to survive. Because this is a hard game where you can lose your items if you die, be careful while fighting!

    With this collection of Ohio codes, you can find whatever you’re looking for for free. If you’re not sure how to redeem in Ohio, check below to learn more! Be sure to like this page, by pressing CTRL + D on your keyboard or the Add to Bookmark icon on a mobile device.

    Active and valid OP codes

    Use these promo codes to improve your hero’s appearance or get in-game items like clothing, cash and more!

    After using this code, you will receive some keys to earn for free. You can get lots of rewards by using the codes below.

    • Merry Christmas – Use this code and claim 2K cash.
    • Ohio Christmas – Use this code and claim Desert Eagle.
    • Winter – Use this code and claim $2,000 cash.
    • The Ohio Moment – Use this code and claim $300 cash.

    Expiring codes

    This is a list of expired codes, these codes can no longer be redeemed.

    • There are no expired codes yet.

    How To Redeem Ohio OP Working Codes

    1. On your PC or mobile device, launch Roblox Ohio.
    2. Activate your virtual phone.
    3. To use Twitter codes, select the button.
    4. Copy and paste a code from our list.
    5. Place it in the text field.
    6. Click “Submit” to claim your reward.

    How to Play the Ohio Game

    In this challenging game, dying results in the loss of all your possessions. To move to Ohio, your account must be at least 10 days old.

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