In the United States, an investigation was initiated due to the sudden braking and stopping of a cruise robot taxi, causing an accident


    The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened an investigation into the company Cruise, a subsidiary of General Motors, in connection with several incidents that involve cars that carry a danger to life.

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    Since the number of incidents increased, the city of San Francisco has requested federal regulators to bring out a complaint. In September, the San Francisco Transportation Agency sent a letter to the NHTSA, requesting that cruises autonomous vehicles complete reconditions of transmission (Two engine, Chevrolet Bolt) continue to brake or stop, thereby preventing traffic and preventing emergency vehicles. Nevertheless, city officials expressed their willingness to continue to allow Cruise to operate autonomous vehicles on its roads.

    An NHTSA spokesman said the investigation covers all cruise and autonomous cars in San Francisco, of which 242 units are estimated. Let’s assume that Cruise must withdraw robotic cars, so that passengers can update the driver assistance system. The company had to do this in September after a traumatic crash in the robotic car which left a few passengers injured.

    Cruise blames the incident on the fact that the vehicles predict and respond to the behavior of arouse or erratic road users. The company said that the company is working to minimize the cost of collisions and accidents to the road users.

    The National Association of Automobiles will determine the scale and severity of the potential problem and fully assess the potential consequences of these two types of incidents (hard acceleration and sudden stop).

    There are a number of incidents that have raised questions from the regulator. This summer, a number of cruise’s auto-drivers stopped at an intersection of San Francisco, blocking traffic for several hours. Or there was a case when the Cruise robocar, stopped by a policeman for a check, started moving and was immediately approached by the policeman.

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