How to remove roads in Manor Lords


    Manor Lords is an innovative medieval city building game fit for royalty that puts players in control of building a kingdom. The builder menu offers many options, including roads for transportation. However, if you find yourself at a dead end, here’s our handy guide to how to remove roads in Manor Lords.

    How to remove an unwanted road in Manor Lords

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    Building roads in Manor Lords is as important as any Burgage plot, logging camp, or market, as you need roads to connect them all. However, as your domain grows and adapts, you will likely need to reroute some of those paths or get rid of them entirely.

    Fortunately, the process for remove roads It’s very simple. Follow these steps:

    • Click on the ‘Roads’ button at the bottom of the builder HUD (or tap ‘R’)
    • Look for ‘Delete road’ option on the far right (as seen above)
    • Choose the road you want to delete and ALT+left click
    • A final message will ask if you want “Remove this path?”
      • Choose ‘Eliminate’ either ‘Cancel’

    This will immediately remove the chosen road from your mapand you can do the same with any driveway you have laid so far. It’s a useful tool when you’ve accidentally carved a path that goes nowhere, goes to the wrong place, or maybe just has a bad angle.

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    Either way, a strategic road network is key to ensuring your ever-growing kingdom remains efficient and prosperous. There is no need for those poor Oxen to get stuck in a ditch while transporting goods and construction materials.

    This concludes our guide on how to remove roads in Manor Lords. We hope you found it useful and let us know how you are enjoying the game so far. How do you think it compares to others in the city building genre?

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