Two eye-catching car decals added in Pacific Drive update, more content on the way


    If you thought the trip was over, think again! To the delight of fans (including me), Pacific Drive added a free content update and there are plans for more, not just bug fixes and quality of life updates.

    What does the free Pacific Drive Year of the Dragon update include?

    The Year of the Dragon update for Pacific Drive includes two car decals that you can find in the Olympic Exclusion Zone. I suggest checking through Arda Trucks and Pneumatic Drop Boxes as they usually have one or two.

    The first decal is the Year of the Dragon, celebrating 2024 according to the Chinese Zodiac and hoping to bring luck to all Drivers on their travels in the area. The second set of stickers is inspired by the game Ultros (a fun Metroidvania with a psychedelic art style).

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    Pacific Drive Future Plans

    Once you manage to find the stickers, get ready for future updates that are currently in progress. I really enjoyed the game and I’m happy with what we’ve had so far, but knowing that the journey isn’t over is fantastic news.

    With the game available, Ironwood Studios plans to take the updates slow, but it’s good to know that it won’t just be bug fixes, performance and quality of life improvements. In the coming months, the developers plan to release several free updates with new content and interesting features.

    They’ve decided to maintain the air of mystery that prevails in Pacific Drive, so we don’t have details on what exactly these updates will contain, only that they will be significant content. Perhaps new anomalies and conditions? New missions? Something completely new in the game? Who knows? I can’t wait to find out.

    The first update is coming soon, but the exact date has not been announced yet. We know there’s something new coming with that patch that Alex Dracott (Pacific Drive’s creative director) can’t stop playing with. I really want to know what that is, but we’ll have to be patient until they decide to remove the patch.

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