How to get sheep in Manor Lords


    Sheep are one of the most important animals in the soon-to-be rich medieval city. You’ll want to get these fairly early, as they allow you to craft multiple items. Here’s how to get sheep in Manor Lords.

    Where to buy sheep at Manor Lords

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    To buy sheep at Manor Lords, you must first build a cattle trading post. Oxen and other animals, including sheep and lambs, can be imported from here. Before investing heavily in the sheep business, I suggest you first get business upgrades from the Development skill tree. This will make the import-export business a lot cheaper (your import price will drop from 30 to 20), especially in the beginning when each regional wealth currency is important.

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    To import sheep through the Livestock Trading Post, find them under the Trade tab within the Livestock Trading Post menu. Be sure to set the desired surplus at four sheep. You can always get more if necessary, but you don’t want to spend too much at first.

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    How to raise sheep in Manor Lords

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    Before you order your first flock of sheep, you need to build a sheep farm and pasture so that everything is ready for them. This is a great start to your wool production, which you will use to create clothing or export. Clothing is crucial to upgrading your town, as your villagers will ask you for stylish clothing as a prerequisite for upgrading their homes to level 3.

    How to use wool in Manor Lords

    To turn sheep wool into clothing in Manor Lords, you must build several buildings and employ families to work there. Build a Weavers’ workshop to transform wool into yarn. You will use it to produce clothing items such as capes.

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