Witcher 3 – Tips for Beginners and Returning Players


    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a massive open world RPG filled with quests, wizards to romance, and monsters to fight. CD Projekt Red has released the next-gen update, which adds several graphical improvements and new content inspired by Netflix’s Witcher series. The Witcher 3 can be a challenging game; These are the best tips for beginners and players returning to The Witcher 3.

    The best tips for Witcher 3

    • loot it all except in front of the guards.
      • Crafting and alchemy are essential parts of the game, you will need the components that you find on your journey.
    • improved cockroach is essential. You can find the Niflgaardian Saddlebags at the Raven Perch merchant early.
      • Saddlebags increase Geralt’s maximum carrying capacity.
      • The saddle increases Roach’s stamina, the amount of time Roach can gallop.
      • Blinders increase Roach’s fear level, preventing him from panicking near enemies.
    • Consuming potions increases your toxicity level. You may reset your toxicity level by consuming the white honey potion.
    • orens and florens they are coins that you will collect but cannot use. Talk to Vivaldi at Vivaldi’s Bank in Novigrad to convert them into Crowns.
    • elaboration it is essential to upgrade Geralt.
      • Swords can be crafted at blacksmiths. Armor can be crafted at Armorers.
      • Witcher Gear is the best gear in the game. Complete treasure hunts to find new pieces.
      • Dismantle scrap instead of selling it for useful crafting components for alchemy and crafting.
    • Alchemy allows you to craft bombs, oils, and potions.
      • Bombs can be thrown at enemies.
      • Oils can be applied to weapons for damage bonuses when the correct oil is used.
      • Potions can be consumed to give passive benefits and restore health.
    • Check the Bestiary before fighting a monster for its vulnerabilities. They can provide massive damage boosts before a tough fight.
    • You may heal meditating (on minor difficulties), using the Swallow potion, or consuming food and drink.
      • The Gourmet ability extends the vitality regen from food and drinks to 20 minutes instead of 10 seconds.

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    Signs explained in Witcher 3

    Signs are a form of magic in the Witcher universe that only Witchers can use. Geralt has five signs that can be used in and out of combat for various purposes. The signs are:

    • aard: A knockback in combat. It can be used outside of combat to put out fires or break down damaged walls and floors.
    • igni: A signal fire that can ignite enemies and push them back. It can also ignite flammable gases to create explosions. It can be used outside of combat to light torches or campfires.
    • Yrden: A magical trap on the ground that slows down enemies trapped inside. Yrden is best used against Wraith monsters.
    • who: A protective shield around Geralt that prevents damage while active.
    • axii: Activate a spell on enemies that can temporarily stun them. Can be used in dialogue conversations outside of combat.

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