Top 5 Things I Wish Were in Manor Lords Early Access


    By playing Manor Lords I relived the joy of playing medieval city building strategies like Stronghold, Settlers, and Total War. Comparing those titles inspired me to come up with five things I wish were in Manor Lords Early Access.

    Top 5 Things I’d Love to See in Manor Lords Early Access

    Before I present my Manor Lords ideas for future updates, I should mention that developer Slavic Magic was very clear about what this game is about: mainly city ​​building game with battles as added value. That being said, I still expect more from Manor Lords.

    5. Family ties at Manor Lords

    Families are a big part of the game, as villagers are organized into households that do the same jobs. While that’s very realistic, it made me long for similar options for my avatar. I wish I had a opportunity to arrange marriage (as long as it is true love, of course) and thus expand my land. Marriage would give me options Have children and use them to govern regions. or become generals to fight in my place (automatic combat). Additionally, it would allow for a dynamic sandbox scenario where the children would continue the rule of my avatar.

    4. Less micromanagement

    I understand that micromanagement is part of the city building experience, but checking everything quickly becomes a chore. This problem can be easily solved with special orders that would automate the work. For example, I would love to give orders to building workers like “don’t work in (months)” or “stop when (number of items)”.

    For example, raising barriers is seasonal and having villagers sit idly through the winter is not a good idea. Instead, I have to recheck all important buildings for each season and move workers. TO Drop-down menu with orders for each type of structure. It would make government much easier.

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    3. Trading needs an overhaul

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Manor Lords trading early access is broken. I imagined commerce as a way to buy things I can’t create on my own and at the same time sell selected products that are interesting to buyers. Rather, trade is a way to avoid producing large quantities of goods, since it is easier to buy them. I found it easier to spam merchants with various items to gain enough wealth to buy everything you need.

    I understand that the developer wanted to allow players to differentiate production between territories, but it broke the concept of the game. For example, I will import clay at a low price and export roofs to earn more money. than I ever need. For that I will buy mercenaries, weapons, beer, clothes, whatever. Having exchanging work as a de facto trap discourages players from building most structures. Why would I invest in farm fields and mills when I can buy cheap flour? In fact, I don’t even need flour because I can buy bread!

    2. Castle design

    The castle skin is coming to Manor Lords, but is currently not available in the early access version. I hope to have options that are more than just cosmetic. As a big fan of Stronghold, I have expectations for my castle build. I want Create luxurious rooms, castle defenses and moats.. This brings me to what I crave most: siege!

    1. Castle siege

    A good castle design leads to an excellent combat experience. Instead of sending soldiers to attack opponents, I want the game to force them to think about the best combat strategies. I would like a Option to evade direct conflict by placing a siege. starve the opponent and force him to counterattack. Diplomacy would be essential here, where I wish to have a Option to negotiate with enemies. (especially if multiplayer is introduced). If combat is unavoidable, I need siege engines to counter everything the enemy throws at me.

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