Is alternate mode better in Witcher 3 – Move Response Guide?



    The Witcher 3 features two motion response settings that are also included in its next-gen versions. The first is the standard mode and the second is the alternate mode. Both of these Motion Feedback options control how Geralt or Ciri move in-game, but for most it’s unclear which is better.

    alternate mode vs. standard mode in witcher 3

    There are small but significant differences when comparing the movement response modes in Witcher 3. In short, both modes essentially serve the same purpose by providing a setting to control how fast Geralt moves. However, when Standard mode is active, it is more difficult to change direction, as Geralt will either take a few extra steps in the wrong direction or turn around with a very noticeable second delay.

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    So if you want to quickly turn and enter a building or run in a different direction from a monster, you may have one more option. unresponsive experience with Active standard moment response. Fortunately, Alternate mode is the direct opposite of the standard Moment Response setting, where it changes the way Geralt moves for the better. Instead of not changing direction quickly, Geralt can go on and function like any other third-person open-world protagonist. In short, movement is much more fluid in Alternate and Geralt can spin without delay.

    How to activate alternate mode in Witcher 3

    If you want to enable alternate mode in Witcher 3, you can select it in game settings. However, the mode is in defaultso unless you’ve changed it in the past, alternate mode should already be active for you.

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