Fallout 4 ‘When Pigs Fly’ Side Quest Guide


    Fallout 4’s ‘When Pigs Fly’ quest was added as part of the game’s ‘current-gen’ update that launched in April 2024. While it’s only a short side quest, the rewards you get are definitely worth it. . Here’s how to start and complete When Pigs Fly in Fallout 4.

    Unlock the ‘When Pigs Fly’ side quest

    You will receive the quest “When Pigs Fly” automatically once you have left Vault 111 if you are starting a new game, or as soon as you load an existing save file for Fallout 4. As soon as I loaded my save file after downloading the update , this quest appeared in my quest log along with others that were also added as part of the current gen update.

    Fallout 4 ‘When Pigs Fly’ Mission Walkthrough

    When you do, select the mission from your Mission Log and then press Square on PlayStation or X on Xbox to display the location on the map. Your mission objective to ‘Investigate the Saugus Blacksmith Shop’ will be marked just south of Wattz Consumer Electronics and east of the Cambridge Police Station. I quickly traveled to Wattz Consumer Electronics and ventured south from there.

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    When you reach the mission marker in a garage in the middle of a built-up city, interact with the terminal and select the third file called “Arms Dealer in Monsignor Plaza” to advance the mission. You can read the others to learn more about the story, but if you’re just focusing on the mission, pick the third one and continue.

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    You can venture directly east through Cambridge Crater like I did, but be prepared for the demons that await you here. There is also a small amount of radiation in the crater, so you’ll want to use a Rad Away once you’re done.

    Follow the mission marker to the location and prepare for fights with Raiders and some machine gun turrets scattered both outside and inside. Go up to the office and kill the two gangster-looking enemies inside. Grab the Rapid Pipe Grenade Launcher Rifle from the table (who doesn’t want a fancy new weapon for free?) and read the note in the shop to further advance the mission.

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    Now you need to find Marvin, who is conveniently around the corner from where we started this quest in the terminal. That means we’ll head back west and follow the quest marker again.

    Once you reach the marker, climb to the top of the building using the fire escape on the side of the building, killing any nearby raiders as you go. Just before you reach the roof, be careful, Marvin will be in one of the windows with a Piggy Bank Fat Man and can finish you off with one shot if you’re not careful. I attacked him quickly and used the wall for cover, but he still took out most of my health.

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    After killing Barrett, remove the Gordo from his body and the schemes. He returns to Suggs across the street and you can return the schematics for the tube grenade launcher to him.

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    For your hard work, you will be rewarded with the Chinese Penetrating Grenade Launcher Rifle and 280 XP.

    That’s everything you need to know about how to complete When Pigs Fly in Fallout 4. If you fancy Fallout on the Steam Deck, we’ve got you covered with a Fallout 4 Steam Deck compatibility guide. Alternatively, if you’re starting from Vault 111, we have building guides for Lucy MacLean, Cooper Howard and Maximus from Amazon Prime’s acclaimed Fallout series.

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