What units can solo minions use in Teamfight Tactics?


    When you want to accumulate gold for future rounds in Teamfight Tactics, it is advisable to let a single unit fight for the first three rounds. Since the first three rounds are against the AI ​​rather than against the players, there are some units that can rely on soloing these enemies most of the time. This strategy helps you gain an early gold lead, potentially reaching 10 gold and creating a gold chest before the player’s combat rounds. Here are all the units that can solo minions in Teamfight Tactics Set 8.0.

    What units can solo the minion rounds in Teamfight Tactics?

    Necessary positioning of the unit

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    All ranged units that can solo attack minions must be placed in the D7 hex in order to survive. All melee units must be placed in hex A3. This positioning ensures that you get maximum efficiency from the unit and increases its survivability as a melee or ranged unit. While other positions may work as well, these are the two positions that have been thoroughly tested.

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    Units that can only minions

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    All these units have been confirmed by Rainbash on Reddit, which has reliably tested this concept since Set 4.0. Here are all the units that can solo the first two rounds of minions, along with the items they need to survive.

    Unit equipped item hex position
    Ashe giant belt D7
    Gallium giant belt A3
    Nasus None A3
    Poppy giant belt A3
    Renekton None A3
    sylas None A3
    Claw None A3
    wukong None A3

    Each of these units can only successfully rounds 1-2 and 1-3, but there have been no 1 cost units that can only successfully 1-4 without a full item. If you’re looking to take a chance and only 1-4, try equipping one of the units on this list with the Warmog’s Armor or Bloodthirster items. This improves your survivability and can be the key to victory.

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