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How to Get Cosmetics in Goose Goose Duck


Goose Goose Duck is a social deduction game with a cosmetic system similar to Among us, but it is not clear how you can earn cosmetics. Fortunately, our guide covers all the details about the Goose Goose Ducks cosmetic system.

How to earn cosmetics in Goose Goose Duck

To earn or get cosmetics in Goose Goose Duck, you need to earn gold coins by completing achievements or by purchasing them with real money. You can also earn silver coins by completing matches, which can buy certain cosmetics. On the other hand, the costs of using silver coins are exceptionally high, like with gold coins, so you may need to farm a ton before you’re even close to buying a cosmetic. Other ways to earn cosmetics include the following listed below:

  • daily rewards – If players log in daily, they can get unique rewards such as cosmetics, coins, XP boosts, and claw machine tokens.
  • claw arcade machines – Claw or Arcade Machines was a feature added with Update 2.14 that allows users to use tokens to try and win cosmetics, coins, etc. However, players must spend large sums of silver or gold coins to unlock the Arcade machines.
  • Give a present – In addition to the new roles in Update 2.14, players can now obtain exclusive skins obtained through gifts.
  • twitch drops – Another easy option to earn free rewards like cosmetics is to sign up for Twitch Drops when available.

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How to get free gold coins in Goose Goose Duck

To get free gold coins in Goose Goose Duck, you need to log in on the days when gold coins are the daily reward or complete specific achievements. In addition to these two options, there are Twitch Drops and Claw Machines, which players can use to get free Gold Coins. Claw machines are not recommended as a free option, as it requires grinding gold and silver coins to unlock the feature.

How to get free silver coins in Goose Goose Duck

Players can earn free silver coins by completing matches and get daily rewards, just like gold coins. You can also increase the amount of silver you get after the end of a game by equipping a pet. Pets are a cosmetic option and cost between 80 and 100 gold.

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