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    Once you’ve played the early stages of the turn-based strategy MMO Summoners War, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to building your team. A crucial one is choosing the best fusion monster for each occasion, so read on to find out which one to choose and when.

    What are the best fusion monsters in Summoners War?

    It’s not possible to say that a particular Fusion Monster is the “best” in Summoners War, as different monsters shine in specific sections of the game. This can also depend on your playstyle, preferences, and how you build your team, so take these as guidelines rather than rules of thumb. If you can pick and choose just one, I would select Sigmaris like a good all-rounder. However, in the end you will want to collect them all.

    Dark Ifrit (Veromos)

    Better for: Giant and Dragon Teams, TOA (normal and difficult)

    While We’ll See is a solid choice for Giant and Dragon teams, as well as Trial of Ascension, you’re now better off going with Sigmaris (below) in all of these battles. We will see it can also be used with good results to counter teams that use Jeanne during sieges.

    Fire Lightning Emperor (Baleygr)

    Better for: Rift, Labyrinth (wind and fire bosses)

    Baleygr is one of the weaker Fusion monsters with limited appeal. He is fine in parts of the Labyrinth and is good in the late game for Rift races.

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    Wind Valkyrja (Katarina)

    Image via Com2uS

    Better for: Guild Wars (offense), Arena, Labyrinth (water boss)

    One of the weaker Fusion Monsters, with limited utility. His S3 is too random to trust consistently, meaning other options are always more reliable. He pairs well with Jamire if you’re lucky enough to do so.

    Fire Panda (Xiong Fei)

    Better for: Raid Tank, Labyrinth (Wind Boss), Dark Rift

    Except for the wind boss in the Labyrinth, and perhaps in Dark Rift, there are no areas where your panda is the best option. Xiong Fei will always be a good defensive tank monster and a solid buffer, but that’s not enough to focus resources on him.

    Paladin of Light (Jeanne)

    Better for: Guild Wars (defense), Siege (defense), Arena (defense), TOA (normal and hard)

    Jeanne is a good crown control unit, but she has lost a lot of love since she was weakened. She is a popular choice on defensive teams in all forms of PvP and is a solid choice when she is fought in Trial of Ascension.

    Water Phoenix (Sigmaris)

    Better for: Giant and Dragon teams, TOA (normal and hard), Labyrinth (fire boss), Fire Rift

    A great DPS with strong leadership. Your HP damage increases, delivering strong hits against unique and tough units. Solid in Guild Wars offense and arena if you don’t have water-based DPS, as his Freeze ability is a powerful weapon.

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