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    Are you ready to spawn and fight the Sea Beast in Demon Piece? Our guide is here to explain how to find him and the best tips and tricks to help you defeat him in battle!

    How to spawn the Sea Beast in Demon Piece

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    The Sea Beast appears in the Forbidden Sea. However, the chances of the Sea Beast appearing depend on your reputation points. You can increase these points by playing games, completing quests, and winning battles.

    There is also a timer until the Sea Beast disappears. you only have around 15 minutes to defeat him, so make sure you’re quick.

    To reach the Forbidden Sea, get on your boat and sail. You can purchase a variety of ships beforehand, all with different benefits. Some are faster than others and some are stronger. Ships that are stronger will help you stay alive when fighting the Sea Beast.

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    How to defeat the Demon Piece sea beast

    Image via OP GAME GUIDES

    As mentioned above, the chances of the Sea Beast appearing will depend on your reputation points. Once he has appeared, he will start attacking immediately, so be ready!

    If you want to have the best chance of defeating the Sea Beast, make sure you are level 500 or higher, as it deals a lot of damage! Make sure you have some powerful weapons equipped and a strong ship.

    There are several different moves you can use to fight the Sea Beast. Some of the best options are Enkai Entei, fire bulletsand Fire fist. They also give you eight opportunities to dodge any of Sea Beast’s attacks. Although they may not seem like many, if you time your attacks and have a high skill level, you will be able to defeat him in no time. Any fire move deals the most damage to the Sea Beast, so combining them with a strong ship and dodging any major attacks will surely make you win.

    If you fail to defeat him, the damage you caused will not be restored! That means that when you respawn, simply return to your ship and head to the Forbidden Sea. Wait for the Sea Beast to reappear and continue where you left off. You can backtrack as many times as necessary until you defeat him.

    The battle is worth it, as Sea Beast drops some cool weapons. There is a chance he will fall Tide Breaker, Nether Gauntlets, Tabletand Poseidon Regalia. These are all mythic weapons, meaning they are some of the most powerful weapons you can get. The Tidebreaker is one of the best. It is a mythical trident that has been made from the skin of the Sea Beast and is ideal for specifically fighting any sea monster you face. By using the Tidebreaker, it will give you the Whirlpool crush and tidal torrent skills.

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