How to complete Stitch’s level ten friendship mission in Dreamlight Valley


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    If vandalizing signs and digging up gardens weren’t enough, Disney Dreamlight Valley’s favorite little troublemaker, Stitch, also wants to make music. You will have to help him prepare a band in his level ten friendship mission, Making Music. Here’s how to complete it.

    How to complete Making Music in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    To start this quest, you will need to have completed the first three quests in the Stitch’s Friendship quest line, Goodness Level Check, Very Sleepy Stitch, and Stitch’s Hobby. After that, you should have maxed out Stitch’s friendship level up to level ten. There are no other requirements to talk to him and start this quest.

    Stitch goes straight to the point. He wants to make music, so you volunteer to help him get started. The game will ask you to talk to a number of different villagers, but the most important ones are Prince Eric and Kristoff. You convince them to play in a band with Stitch, but you’ll also need equipment. Talk to Scrooge McDuck. He doesn’t think you only need instruments. You need to manage the band with a proper photo shoot. Gather the following materials:

    • 20 hardwood
    • 10 pieces of glass (made from 50 pieces of sand and 10 coal ores).
    • 10 pieces of cloth (made from 50 pieces of cotton).
    • Nine tinkering parts (made from six iron ingots, which are made from 30 iron ores and six coal ores).

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    Once you have gathered your materials, create the Photographic Background of the Piece of furniture tab of your crafting menu. Return the backdrop to Scrooge, who will set things up while you talk to Stitch. Tell Stitch that the gang is coming together and then take him to your Dream Castle. Scrooge has set up the photo shoot on the balcony of the third level. Use your camera to take three photos of Stitch. Then go talk to Scrooge. He needs some time to fix more equipment, so he will need to wait until the next day and then talk to Stitch again.

    When you talk to Stitch the next day, he’s excited and raring to go. He just needs to get Scrooge’s latest gear. he will give you Stereo that you can put anywhere stunning beach using your furniture menu. When you do, you’ll be asked to take some photos of the concert. Talk to Stitch one more time to have him thank you with a new piece of furniture. Stitch’s little red boatat the end of the search.

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