Tesla: the enormous battery of the electric truck is revealed in daylight


    When it comes to official images, Tesla is often stingy. But it’s more so in the case of technical diagrams. But Tesla has just pulled off the rug under the rug with several leaked photos of the Tesla Semi, the electric truck. How do we get a lot of technical information?

    The first Tesla Semis arrived last December, after a maximum of six years of waiting for the first one, PepsiCo. The Tesla Semi electric car is interesting in a lot of ways. The most interesting of these is because one of the first electric trucks, which is the first one on the market, and the other one is because it has very interesting technical characteristics.

    The law of silence of numbers surrounds the law of the silence.

    In case of one’s opinion, you’ll have enough time to get the technical info. In recent years, Tesla hasn’t communicated on one or more cars’ power. But it’s not over the battery capacity.

    Even if the searches of the internet are accurate enough, Tesla is able to protect itself from problems related to old models and the lack of confidence in the industry.

    The Tesla Tesla’s figures are pretty impressive either way. Even if the size of the battery has not been specified (or even its weight), a quick calculation shows that it is more than 900 kWh. Elon Musk had announced a range of between 800 and 37 kilometers with a load of 37 tonnes, but also great efficiency with the only consumption of 1.7 kWh per mile, which is approximately 105 kWh/100 kilometers.

    The battery pack is impressive.

    If Tesla doesn’t give very many figures, the company does give more technical diagrams. On Twitter, a user posted the technical details with the design and components of the Tesla-Senior. The images are available from the truck parts catalog. This shows that the battery is located at the base of the vehicle.

    Aside from this, the design of the battery pack is quite different from what we have previously found. The battery pack has nine large modules in two different sizes. The middle is substantially larger than the middle, despite being one of the most large axes of the mountain-sead area.

    Some Semi porns for the people who need them on that New Year’s Eve.

    The high-end battery is rated at 1000VU. The batteries are cooled with a mega cooling module.

    (Happy New Year everyone!) pic.twitter.com/nTxf9ntF5N.

    Green (@greentheonly) December 31, 2022.

    These modules are quite expensive than any other battery pack. In a model 3, the batteries are at just around the same height as a cell row. Even if there’s no technical details revealed, our american colleagues from Electrek evoked that kind of stacking old Tesla Model S batteries.

    These batteries are still without answers, even though the technical schematics are confirmed. Somehow, we still don’t know for sure which cell Tesla uses in its truck. Perhaps it uses the famous new 4680 cells, but Elon Musk said that the matter had not been discussed yet.

    Elon Musk announced that his electric truck, the Tesla Semi, managed to travel more than 800 km by charging a single charge, and weigh more than 37 tons.

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