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    As you progress through the regions of the medieval strategy role-playing game Wartales, you’ll discover new specializations with which to train your companions. If you’re considering the Halberdier class, read on to learn how to build a better one in Wartales.

    Best Wartales Halberdier Build

    How to unlock Halberdier in Wartales (map)

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    Halberdier is the fourth specialization option available for a spearman in Wartales. It will only be available once you have completed the Eye for eye search that you can start in the church in polite (see map above) in Arthes County.

    To complete this mission, you must first fight all opponents in Port of Arthes Sand. You will find the sand passing by Shipwreck Cavern and you don’t need the quest before entering the arena. Once you’ve beaten everyone in the arena, go to the church and talk to the NPCs there to be taught this specialization option.

    Best Halberdier Skills in Wartales

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    My favorite Halberdier build creates an excellent support unit that can buff allies while also dealing high damage. They are mobile and can easily withdraw from combat without penalties, helping them move toward the best strategic upgrading position.

    Level skill name Description
    2 Courageous support (Passive) Each time this unit ends its turn alongside an ally and is not in combat, you gain 1 Valor Point.
    3 Halberdier This specialty allows you to wear medium armor, as with all Spearman specialties. You receive the Controlled whirlwind Skill (costs 1 valor point to use) that damages all units in an area around the unit and knocks them back 2 meters. Damage increases considerably for each unit in the target area.
    5 inspired presence (Passive) At the end of this unit’s turn, they grant Deflection (damage taken from the next attack is reduced by 70 percent) to all adjacent allies in combat.
    8 Preparation (Passive) If the unit ends its turn while not in combat, it gains Fury (the damage of its next attack is increased by 50 percent).
    10 Unstoppable (Passive) The unit can pass through enemy units during its movement.
    12 Class Specialization This allows you to acquire a previous skill that you overlooked. I suggest Readiness: This unit has a 35 percent chance to dodge all ranged and AOE attacks.

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    How to play Halberdier in Wartales

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    The key to making the Halberdier work well is flexibility, which you will get from starting their shift uncoupled. This becomes much easier once you get Unstoppable at level 10. Before that, with a good investment in movement, you should still be able to get out of harm’s way (preferably behind some tanks). This will allow you and your allies to benefit from Courageous support, inspired presenceand Preparation.

    At the start of your turn, move to a position in the middle of a group of enemies (if possible) and use Controlled whirlwind to inflict some damage. Get close (but not adjacent to an enemy that is on the way to where you want to end the turn) and use your standard attack on them (along with any weapon skills), and then get closer to allies to polish them with your liabilities.

    The best halberdier equipment in Wartales

    There are two excellent legendary weapons that you can acquire on your travels that are perfect for any halberdier.

    • Spear of Belerion: All standard attacks apply Disruption to targets for 1 Round. This reduces their Guard to 0, making it excellent for making well-armored units vulnerable. Available as part of the Belerion Archipelago story quest.
    • Huroun partisan: Hits add Marks to targets, either allowing an Attack of Opportunity (Mark of Narses) or earning you 2 Valor Points (Mark of Horoun). Since you’ll be hitting multiple targets whenever possible, this is a good choice. Available in the Tomb of Ludern.
    • Liberator: This makes standard attacks force opponents to retreat. It’s probably better suited to other Spearman specializations, but it has the advantage of being relatively easy to obtain. Available after defeating Tracker Bionn in Ludern.
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    Best Halberdier Attributes in Wartales

    As part of the Spearman class, the Halberdier can ignore Dexterity (largely used to increase ranged damage) and focus on the other stats.

    1. Strength: Each point of Strength they take will add more strength to their Controlled Whirlwind attack, as well as any other damage they deal. It also increases your critical damage.
    2. Motion: The key to a Halberdier’s success is being in the right spot to deal damage and then moving to a good spot to buff allies at the end of their turn. The more they can move, the more effective they will be.
    3. Constitution: Constitution adds health points, so keep it as high as you think is necessary for your level. They should be able to avoid most of the damage, but have enough health to survive a strong attack from a DPS. His Constitution also increases carrying capacity, which is never a bad thing for the party.
    4. Willpower: Raise this to 15 relatively quickly as possible, as this allows them to survive the first time they would die in combat. It also prevents them from running into encounters with Nightmares.
    5. Critical hit: I don’t focus on critics with a Halberdier, but it’s a valid strategy. Once you’re in larger battles, you should be able to target multiple enemies frequently, so more hits means more chance for crits.
    Screenshot of pro game guides

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