Apple Arcade gets a Pokemon game this month from the creator


    In January, Apple Arcade Originals will arrive on the subscription service, the new mobile game, which will be coming in a new 3DS title to Game Freak, which is the creator of Pokemon, turn us to the least. The first new title comes on the 6th of January and the 27th of January.

    The game Freak title is Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On, a revamped version of the Nintendo 3DS horse racing solitaire mashup that was officially released in 2013. It brings new 3D visuals to the racing segments, along with the original ruleset.

    We are also getting a new installment of Episode: Choose Your Story in Pocket Gems, called Episode XOXO. There are the games Illustrated and Squiggle Drop, which are bringing together each other. Look down the full list of release dates – click on the link to the list below.

    Apple Arcade is out January.

    Here are the game’s beginning at the Apple Arcade in January.

    • Episode XOXO January 6th.
    • The January 13th item is numbered.
    • Jockey by hand: Ride on! January 20
    • Squiggle Drop Jan.

    This is exactly what Apple Arcade’s release schedule has. Find out more about our Apple Arcade games guide.


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