Square Enix Games on Switch on sale for two weeks for sale


    A number of Square Enix games on Switch are on sale since December 15, 2022. All of that is due to the winter sale. Until December 29.22022, people can obtain new and old releases at major discounts. This promotion also includes titles from many different series, like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. Some discounts go up to 70 p.m., such as in Balan Wonderworld. The total of 30 games is reduced at the eShop.

    Here is the full list of all the Square Enix games available on Switch in the Winter Sale.

    • Accumulation Renaissance for 79.99 $.
    • The Balan wonderworld is 14 yen.
    • The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story 29,99$.
    • Chocobo GP 24.99 USD
    • Chocobos Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy $3,99.
    • Collection of Mana $19.99.
    • The DioField Chronicle 24,99 $.
    • Dragon Quest with $3,24.
    • Dragon Quest II.
    • Dragon Quest III $8,11.
    • Dungeons reservations for a dollar.
    • Final Fantasy VII $7.99.
    • Final Fantasy IX 0-$49.
    • Final Fantasy X|X-2 Remaster 24.99 dollars.
    • Final Fantasy XIII: The Zodiac Age 48.99 dollars.
    • Harvestella 47,99 dollars.
    • I’m Setsuna, who is for 15 dollars,99.
    • Kingdom hearts Integrum collection 53,99 $.
    • The Battle of the War: ‘The Kingdom of the War’ 9.99 USD.
    • One cannot be told the truth, but the money it costs to survive it.
    • Life is the Strange Arcadia Bay Collection 19,99 dollars.
    • Life is bad: True colors can only last two or three years.
    • Lost Sphear for four hundred dollars.
    • Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy for $2.99.
    • The world has been around with you for 29.9.
    • Oninaki.
    • Starship: First Departure R $8,393.
    • Mana trial $24,99.
    • A mouthless man: The invading mother is $7.99.
    • The Isle Dragon is 17,99 dollars!
    • Final Fantasy: Alluring of Meats: $7,99

    The Winter Sale for Square Enix ends on the 29th of December 2022.


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