What is the release date for Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2?


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    Insomniac’s Spider-Man, one of the biggest titles on PlayStation, has now arrived on PC, allowing fans of both platforms to enjoy it. This all comes just in time for the sequel, Spider-Man 2, which will follow Peter Parker and Miles Morales as friendly neighborhood Spider-Men. With Marvel and Insomniac teaming up once again, we’re left with a lot of questions about Spider-Man 2.

    Everything we know about Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man 2 will feature a new story, characters, and of course, villains. Parker and Morales work together to keep New York safe from super threats, but will it be enough when they take on some of their deadliest enemies yet? Here’s everything we know about Spider-Man 2.

    What is the release date for Spider-Man 2?

    Currently, there is no exact release date for Spider-Man 2 outside of the fall 2023 release window. You can follow the official insomnia games Twitter for more updates on the upcoming title.

    What platforms will Spider-Man 2 be on?

    At the time of writing, Spider-Man 2 will release on PlayStation 5. It will leave PlayStation 4 behind and will only release on next-gen hardware.

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    Is Spider-Man 2 a sequel?

    Spider-Man 2 is a continuation to Spider-Man from Marvel and Insomniac Games. It will follow both Peter Parker and Miles Morales in a new adventure. We don’t yet know what the story will bring or what villains the pair will face off against, but it promises to be even bigger than its predecessor.

    What villains will there be in Spider-Man 2?

    We have confirmation that Poison Y Kraven they are the main antagonists of Spider-Man 2. Other than that, there isn’t much concrete information on what other villains will appear in the sequel. Some are likely to return, including Cornerstone, GhostY Alligator. Many of these appeared or were teased in Spider-Man or the Miles Morales DLC.

    Another big question is what’s going on with Norman Osborn, as players suspect he’s Venom and not Eddie Brock or Flash Thompson. This would make the Green Goblin appearance likely unless Harry Osborn takes up the mantle or Norman appears as both Venom and Green Goblin.

    Spider-Man 2 Trailer

    Spider-Man 2 was first teased in 2021, and you can check out the official reveal trailer at game stations Youtube channel. The trailer shows Peter Parker and Miles Morales fighting side by side, until Venom shows up.

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