How to get coal in Manor Lords


    The path to gold and glory begins with a simple coal, as without it, your villagers will find it difficult to survive the harsh medieval living conditions. Here’s how to get coal at Manor Lords and keep your workers warm and satisfied.

    How to make charcoal in Minor Lords

    You must unlock and build a charcoal oven to create charcoal in Gentlemen, gentlemen. Unfortunately, this building is closed, so you should plan your city construction accordingly. If production is not carefully planned, you will face a shortage of coal. Luckily, all is not lost, as you can also import charcoal to your region. That being said, focus on domestic production as it is cheaper and faster.

    How to Unlock the Charcoal Furnace in Manor Lords

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    To unlock the charcoal furnace building, you must upgrade your town to level 1 (small village). Doing this will be unlock development skill tree, where you will get a development point to spend. Development points are awarded only after reaching the next city level, so spend your first point on burning coal. I foolishly chose upgrading sheep instead of unlocking coal burning and had to resort to trading.

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    How to Trade Coal at Manor Lords

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    You must build a trading post to trade coal at Manor Lords. Follow the step-by-step explanation below to start importing this important resource.

    1. Build a trading post next to the road.
    2. Click on the Trade tab and scroll down to find coal.
    3. Click the button on the right side of the screen to establish a major trade route.
    4. Click the slider on the left side and select the Import option.
    5. Set a goal for how many resources you need to import (you don’t need more than 10 at first. That will give you enough time to unlock and build the charcoal furnace).

    How to use charcoal in Manor Lords

    Coal and firewood are needed to produce fuel, which is used, among other things, to heat the villagers of Manor Lords. While you have some reservations at first, start coal production as soon as possible. If the villagers are cold, especially during the winter season, their happiness and work efficiency will decrease. You will also need coal and fuel to craft tools and weapons in later stages, so Keep your carbon reserves optimal.

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