All status ailments in Crisis Core, explained


    In Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, you can be hit with a handful of status ailments in the heat of battle. Here’s what each debuff in the game means, and everything you need to know about how to heal them.

    How to cure all status ailments in FF7 Crisis Core

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    most of the status ailments in core of the crisis can be cured with a Resource potion, which can be purchased from the Shinra Shop for 200 gil a bottle. During battle, use the R2 button to select the item and then press B to instantly heal your status change. The debuffs are first introduced in a Chapter 1 email titled “Status Ailments”, which he receives after speaking with Kunsel in the SOLDIER briefing room. Although the Crisis Core walkthrough only tells you about five basic status issues, you’ll eventually have to deal with the game-ending death issue as you progress through the main story. Below is a list of all the status ailments in Crisis Core FF 7 and how you can cure them.


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