KoboldKare – The Explanatory Guide to Metabolism


    Metabolism: How It Works

    Yogurt boosts metabolism. But only to an extent.

    Breeding yourself, or feeding curds to a kobold and breeding with them will cause the breed to maintain this new maximum metabolic rate.

    Then they can eat curd to increase it further.

    Things that go into the metabolism bar are things like eggplant, pineapple, melon, pretty much anything that can affect your kobold’s physical appearance (besides fat).

    • Watermelon juice will increase breast size.
    • Eggplant juice will increase the size of the penis.
    • And the pineapple juice will increase the size of the ball.
    • Also, mushroom juice will reduce everything, including your kobold’s height and color.
    • Another item you can craft is Growth Serum, which increases the overall size of your kobold.

    Once you fill up the metabolism bar, any excess in your stomach bar stays until … Idk, whatever you want to do. Use the toilet? Anyway… once it’s full you’ll need to breed and transform your offspring into kobolds to fill yourself up even more. Or you can squeeze everything in your metabolism bar using a large wooden presser, with a form (assuming you bought one … or is it pre-made? I can’t remember).

    The squeezer will shoot everything, just like any other fluid shooting method in the farm.

    Be sure to keep some buckets around if you don’t want to lose any of it.

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