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    As was the case with Diablo 3, Diablo Immortal’s endgame is made up of the best players and, conversely, the best builds. The key to rising through the ranks of top Diablo Immortal players will require a lot of skill, but the best possible build for each class will help support that skill. With that in mind, here is one of the best performing Necromancer builds.

    Diablo Immortal Necromancer Best Build

    balanced construction

    This build is a well-balanced Necromancer build that rears its head on some of the best abilities in the class rather than fully committing to just one path. For example, while the build summons a lot of minions, it doesn’t focus entirely on just minions, instead choosing to invest in other abilities and passives. With that in mind, here are the building skills:

    • soul fire: The first ability necromancers receive is also a pillar. Offering constant damage that bursts on other nearby enemies is already a huge advantage, but a piece of gear later takes this ability even further.
    • commando skeletons: A skill with a passive that summons skeleton minions to fight and stack damage along with an active skill that makes skeletons charge in one spot and grants a huge boost to attack speed makes this skill irreplaceable.
    • bone armor: Bone Armor is much less flashy compared to the other abilities on this list, but the armor it provides can increase survivability in the toughest of fights. Also, an item listed below makes the skill deal good damage and makes nearby enemies take more damage.
    • command golem: If you were a fan of skeletons you can summon, you’ll also be happy to summon a corpse golem that deals high damage, takes hits easily, and stuns enemies it hits. Although this ability needs to be activated manually instead of the automatic skeleton summoning, it is definitely worth the golem.
    • corpse explosion: With all the AoE damage you and your minions will do, Corpse Explosion becomes one of your main damage dealing tools. Allowing you to detonate nearby dead enemies, this ability deals massive AoE damage, creates more corpses, and continues the damage cycle.

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    Balanced Build Team

    Just like the skills, this build’s gear balances across all of its skills, offering useful buffs for each. This ranges from something simple like duration increases to adding a whole new effect to an ability, changing it drastically.

    • visitor sign: A helmet piece, Visitant’s Sign passively increases the duration of Command Golem by a whopping 20%.
    • covet nothing: Covet Nothing is the previously mentioned item that causes Bone Armor to deal damage and increase the damage enemies take. This is the first chest piece for Bone Armor Necromancers.
    • Rotspurs: Rotspur’s shoulders turn the already powerful Corpse Blast into a nuclear weapon by granting each instance of Corpse Blast a long-lasting poison cloud that deals massive damage over time to enemies within it.
    • bulwark engraving: Another piece of gear that enhances Bone Armor, the Graven Bulwark leggings increase the ability’s uptime by 20%.
    • bleak: The primary hand weapon for the build turns the summoned golem into a flaming monstrosity that deals constant AoE damage to nearby enemies.
    • baleful trinity: Your item of choice will be Baleful Trinity because it bounces Soulfire to an additional target, further enhancing its strong AoE potential.

    While primary gear pieces focus on all building skills, the best set for building, The shepherd’s call to the wolves, focuses entirely on buffing your minions. The set pieces can be found below:

    • Neck: Shepherd and Architech
    • Ring: Pastor and Mother
    • Ring: Pastor and Father
    • Hand: Shepherd and Lord of Beasts
    • Waist: Shepherd and Breeder
    • Feet: Pastor and Leader

    The set reaches break points in two, four and six pieces. At two, the wielder’s summons deal more damage. At four, each active summon increases the critical strike chance. Lastly, at six, whenever a summon critically hits an enemy, all of your summons frenzy, increasing their damage and attack speed for a short time.

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    Balanced Building Gems

    • blood soaked jade: This gem offers up to 8% increased damage that scales with your health stat, as well as up to 10% bonus movement speed, making it a great all-around option.
    • leaking bile: This gem gives your attacks a 4% chance to poison enemies, inflicting a very damaging effect that activates every six seconds. Additionally, this poison spreads to nearby enemies if the target dies.
    • freedom and devotion: More summons is always better, and this gem increases the duration of all your summons by 8%.
    • Follower Load: This gem gives you a flat increase in damage for each Summons you currently control. Each summon grants a 1% bonus damage up to a maximum of 6%.
    • ringing shadow: One of two unique and powerful gems in this build, this one gives your attacks a 15% chance to summon a clone of yourself that will cast some of your abilities for eight seconds.
    • Zwenson’s Curse: The second extremely unique gem, Zwenson’s enchantment, summons a dark beast upon killing an enemy that damages surrounding enemies. Additionally, this beast can be summoned every six seconds, making it a terrifying constant damage source.

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