How to Get the Overwatch 2 Season 10 Perk Pack on PC, Xbox


    Microsoft has released a Season 10 Perks Pack bonus for Overwatch 2 fans with an Xbox GamePass Ultimate bundle. Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily clear how to redeem it, so if you’re struggling, here’s how to get the bundle.

    Interestingly, fan reaction to the package announcement has been poorly received in some parts of social networks, with comments like: “So I paid for these masks for basically nothing” and “I’ll never buy a store-bought mask again.” On the contrary, those who didn’t buy them before are excited about the great deal (as expected).

    How to Redeem the Overwatch 2 Season 10 Perk Pack on PC and Xbox

    Redeeming your code for the Season 10 Perk Pack will work differently depending on which platform you are on. Let’s start with Xbox first.


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    This should be simple. Simply log in to your console, scroll down the left menu, and click Game Pass. Next, check out the GamePass Benefits section (it should be in the second row from the top) and locate the package. Press the Claim button and start the game and you should be done. (Remember, you’ll need GamePass Ultimate, not the regular version.)

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    personal computer

    This is where things get complicated. Although I have GamePass Ultimate on PC, I can only redeem my code through the Windows Store (after clicking on the ‘Overwatch 2’ card in the image above in the Xbox app on PC), and doing so has no effect on my Overwatch. 2 cosmetics, even if I have my account linked to my Xbox account.

    User reports indicate that you can access the content on PC by signing in to your Xbox account on the console, after which it will appear on PC. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have Xbox and therefore no skin. However, if you have an Xbox or a friend has one, it should be pretty easy to sign up for an account there to get started.

    How much do Overwatch 2 Season 10 Perk Pack skins cost?

    If you’re stuck on PC without these skins and wondering if they’re worth it or just wondering how much you’re saving by redeeming your perk code, the Widowmaker Medusa and Junkerqueen Executioner skins cost 1,900 Overwatch Coins each (around $15 USD). , while the Kiriko Visual Kei skin costs 1000 Overwatch Coins (around $10 USD). Not a bad deal for $40 on skins, since you’re either subscribed to GamePass Ultimate anyway or can probably take advantage of a $1 first month signup.

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