How to get the Armored Core 6 Infiltrate Grid 086 Battle Log


    One of the best ways to unlock unique armor or weapon parts in Armored Core 6 is by collecting the Battle/Combat log. Though Combat Logs are available in every level, the Inflitrate Grid 086 mission in Chapter 2 has the most number of Combat Logs(8) in the entire game. So, if you are struggling to collect all the Combat Logs in Inflitrate Grid 086, read the below guide till the end.

    What are Combat Logs in Armored Core 6?

    Combat Logs are unique collectible items in Armored Core 6 that help unlock rare/powerful mech parts. You can collect Combat Logs by defeating enemies/opponents with the Loghunt tag above them. The Loghunt tag looks very similar to a folder icon.

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    All Combat Log Locations in Inflitrate Grid 086 

    As mentioned earlier, there are 8 Combat Logs in the Inflitrate Grid 086 chapter. You can find each one of the below. 

    Location 1

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    As soon as the level begins, keep moving forward till you find the Invincible Rummy opponent. Defeat him to get the first Combat Log.

    Location 2

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    After defeating Invincible Rummy, you will open a gate on the right side. Enter through it, and you will find a large spinning turbine. Fly above it, and you will tank-like opponents on the ledge. Destroy both of them to obtain two Combat Logs.

    Location 3

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    From Location 2, fly towards the left side of the map to reach the Combat Logs. It is an artificially lit small area. You can also find the location from the main bridge. Defeat both enemies to get two more Combat Logs.

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    Location 4

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    Follow the campaign waypoint marker to reach the other side of the bridge. Here, you will find a broken pipe with fire. Follow the cement pipe to visit a small area below the surface. You will have an enemy holding a Combat Log along with a chest.

    Location 5

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    The final two Combat Logs are further inside the map. Start following the waymarker till you reach the elevator. Ride the elevator to the top. Here, you will find two combat logs on the left ledge.

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