Best Settings for Audio and Video in Armored Core 6



    Armored Core 6 is the latest installment in the Armored Core Series. Like previous titles in the franchise, the gameplay is fast-paced, involving various movement mechanics like flying, dodging, and hovering. Due to this rapid gameplay, players need the best video and audio settings to have a comfortable combat experience during boss fights or while completing a questline. So, if you are a new player who has just installed Armored Core 6 on their PC or Console and wants a blur-free gameplay experience, copy and paste the given Audio and Video Settings to your game.

    Best Game Settings for Armored Core 6

    • Maintain Target Assist: On
    • Vibration Function: 4 (Depends on your liking)
    • Core Expansion Control: Type A
    • Automatically Purge Weapons: On
    • Display Subtitles: On(Depends on your choice)

    Best Camera Settings for Armored Core 6

    • Camera Y-Axis: Normal
    • Camera X-Axis: Normal
    • Camera Speed: 8

    Best Graphics Settings for Armored Core 6

    • HDR: Off
    • Adjust Brightness: Based on your liking
    • Adjust Image Quality: Based on your Liking
    • Ray Tracing: Off
    • Performance Settings: Prioritize Framerate

    Best Audio Settings for Armored Core 6

    • Master Volume: 10
    • Music Volume: 7
    • Sound Effect Volume: 7
    • Voice Volume: 5

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    Best Control Settings for Armored Core 6

    Keyboard & Mouse Settings

    The default layout is enough for finishing the game and fighting in PVP/Arena mode. Still, you can change a few things like Assault Boost or others to your liking.

    Controller Settings

    • Control Assignment: Custom
    Action Input Button
    Boost L2
    Right-Hand Weapon R2
    Left-Shoulder Weapon L1
    Right-Shoulder Weapon R1
    Scan D-pad Up
    Purge Weapon D-pad Left
    Option D-pad Right
    Repair Kit D-pad Down
    Jump/Ascend X
    Quick Boost O
    Left Hand Weapon
    Shift Control- Acess
    Directional Movement Left Analog
    Camera Movement Right Analog
    Assault Boost L3
    Target Assist R3
    Core Expansion L3 +

    Best Network Settings for Armored Core 6

    • Matchmaking Region: Global(Depending on your network connection)
    • Voice Chat: Enable
    • Display Players Name: Pilot Name
    • Launch Setting: Online

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