All enemies in Stellar Blade and their weaknesses.


    The Earth is teetering on the brink and teeming with all manner of Naytiba demons, from smaller minions to fearsome elites. Eve and her comrades are on a mission to eradicate them all, so it’s important for players to know how to deal with them. To make sure you maintain the advantage, here’s our handy guide to all the enemy weaknesses in Stellar Blade.

    How to defeat all enemies in Stellar Blade

    The following is a work in progress and this guide will be constantly updated as we discover more enemies in the game and their weaknesses. So be sure to check back often!

    All Naytiba Minions in Stellar Blade

    thorn head

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    thorn heads They are naytibas that group attack, but they are not particularly powerful. They attack for swinging their heads towards you, but they telegraph it clearly enough so you can avoid it. You can easily defeat them head on with a couple of sword blows.

    Climbing plant

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    creepers also attack in groups, trying to invade you. They attack you with their cross, similarly to a scorpion. Typically, there will be a unstable entity in the swarm that can attack you and self-destruct you. Take care of them quicklywhich shouldn’t be a problem since they aren’t too powerful.

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    All Naytiba warriors in Stellar Blade


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    Spectators They will cut you with their bone saw hands. They usually have a double swing, so block or dodge it before going in for the kill. they are very fast and will charge at you, so keep that in mind when fighting.

    cricket killer

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    cricket cutters They stumble while walking and cut you with his arms. They have a half-hidden arm that comes out to give you a double hit. They often will chain your attacks, so make sure they’re done attacking before attacking them again. As long as you do this, you should be able to defeat them without problems.


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    Hydras They are floating Naytibas that seem hesitant to approach and will run away from you. After receiving a certain amount of damage, they will become invisiblethen you will have to scan with the drone to see where they are.

    They attack quickly, so you must be prepared to dodge. Once you do, this is the perfect opportunity for a counterattack. Please note that they will also shed some harmful substances. yellow mud to you. She backed away quickly to avoid being hit.

    Mutated Creeper

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    Mutated Vines They attack with their tails like normal Creepers. They can spin and load towards you, so be careful to dodge. If there are a lot of vines and you notice a mutated one, be sure to keep a close eye on it and try get rid of it first.


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    These Naytiba are usually disguised as stone statues, and while some simply shatter with a blow from Eve’s sword, others will come to life and attack. Please note that they may be scanning to determine if there is Naytiba in them or not.

    In terms of attack patterns, they are quite slow and predictable, but that doesn’t mean you should let them punch or stab with the sword arm, since those attacks still hurt. Simply time your blocks and dodges and they will fall easily.

    heavy guardian

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    Like their smaller Guardian counterparts, Heavy Guardians They will dress up as statues, so provoking one guarantees a fight. The main difference is that these are more powerful, while they attack you with their swords and mace-shaped appendages. Mace attacks are especially dangerous, so be sure to dodge them. Look for opportunities to attack after a big hit.


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    barnyard are Naytiba with thick shells for shields, and frontal attacks will require much more effort, especially when they raise their shell-covered legs. If you see them from afar and want to take care of them quickly, try a Execute attack from behind. (if you have the skill unlocked).

    If you can’t sneak up on them or they’re already in combat, you’ll have to focus your damage on the shield to eventually break it. Alternatively, you can try parrying their swing attacks to stun them, leaving them open to further damage.

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    Cannon Guardian

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    The Cannon Guardians are not large or particularly mobile, but the main thing to watch out for is their explosive ammunition attack, which comes from their heads. They will shoot glowing projectiles that explode on impact, so be sure to dodge them when it happens. The best time to deal damage is when they start moving their bodies to “reload” another projectile attack.


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    The Dozer is a rather unique looking Naytiba, with the body of a centaur and the head of an insect. That head also acts as its main weapon, much like a battering ram. It focuses on charging attacks and swinging its huge head like a club.

    He’s also quite agile when doing this, so be sure to dodge and block accordingly. The key to its weakness is targeting the body behind the head, so maneuver your attacks there.

    All Elite Naytibas in Stellar Blade


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    As you can probably see, the Brute’s main attacks come from his club-shaped arms. Will be constantly discarded a barrage of punches and spinning attacks, most of which can be blocked with Eve’s sword. However, the Brute The overhead swing attack will break a standard it’s best to avoid it if possible.

    It is best to attack when he pauses after his swing attack or while his partner Tachy distracts him.


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    Abaddon is a powerful Elite Naytiba who initially attacks you primarily with physical attacks with his dual swords. Once he starts using electrical charges, he begins the real danger. He will attack you with two different ranged electric attacks: a shockwave and single lightning attacks. Jump over the shockwave and move between individual attacks.

    Use your Beta attacks to deal as much damage as possible. Blink is also a very useful ability in this fight, helping you dodge attacks and perform a powerful counterattack against Naytiba.

    This concludes our guide on all Stellar Blade enemies and their weaknesses. We hope you found this helpful and let us know which enemies you found especially challenging or exciting to fight in the game.

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