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    There are a total of eight adaptations that you can find in Another Crab’s Treasure. Each one is useful in their own way and you’ll want to collect them all to get the best possible gear for Krill.

    The entire system of adaptations from another crab’s treasure, classified

    There are a total of eight of these adaptations and you will need all of them to get the Well Adapted achievement in Another Crab’s Treasure. Here are all eight in order from worst to best, and where you can acquire these incredible powers.

    8. Adaptation to throwing hedgehogs

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    There is an NPC Urchin that you can find in the Lower Crust in New Carcinia. The NPC is carrying a bottle cap and you have to exhaust his dialogue and run into him several times. He will hurt you and eventually give you this Adaptation. This was the one I liked the least; It just looks like flat damage, and I found the steps to be much more useful.

    7. Bobbit Trap Adaptation

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    The Bobbit Trap is located in the Sands Between, where there are a bunch of Bobbit enemies; It’s just east of the giant dumpster. It allows you to plant a Bobbit in the sand that will attack and restrain your enemy if they walk on it. Level 2 Deals DoT damage to the enemy that is being restrained. Level 3 allows you to hold the enemy for longer. It is one of the least useful; You have to be able to predict how an enemy will come at you, but that can get you out of a bind.

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    6. Adaptation to the Royal Wave

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    Royal Wave will be the first adaptation you can obtain in Another Crab’s Treasure, and is found when you defeat Duchess Magista in Shallows. Enemies hit with this move will take additional damage for a few seconds. Level 2 increases the amount of time it lasts and the additional damage enemies take. Level 3 Reduces the cost of Umami charge by 1.

    5. Tactical adaptation of the tentacle

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    There are several secret bosses and this adaptation is tied to defeating one of them. You will have to kill Consortium, the secret boss of Flotsam Vale. The Tactical Tentacle moves a tentacle along with the movement of your weapon. Level 2 increases the size and duration of the tentacle, and level 3 increases damage dealt and heals Krill for a percentage of the damage dealt.

    4. Adaptation of the bubble bullet

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    The Bubble Bullet is obtained by defeating the Ceviche Sisters bosses. It is a ranged attack that allows you to fire a projectile at enemies and deal damage from afar. This powerful weapon can be upgraded twice to make it even more powerful. Level 2 Fires a larger bullet that can knock over an enemy. Level 3 You get a rapid-fire version of this attack by holding down the fire button.

    I find adding a ranged attack to my moveset to be incredibly useful to me as I can deal damage without putting myself in any more danger than necessary. This also allows me to eliminate one of a group of enemies. This one is good, but most of the time I felt like I would prefer Mantis Punch. This might have been different if I had put more into Umami.

    3. Adaptation to electrocute

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    Once you have killed Voltai, one of the bosses, you will automatically receive this adaptation. It is also one of the few Adaptations that has uses outside of battle; You can use them on crab statues to find hidden loot. The power summons an electric eel that will electrocute enemies and “power certain equipment.” Level 2 increases the duration of the eel. Level 3 increases damage and stun duration. This is great for the same reason Mantis Punch is, but for groups of enemies. Like Mantis Punch, Electrocute is also useful in the world, so it’s good to keep it selected.

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    2. Mantis Strike Adaptation

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    You can use the power of Umami to hit enemies with a powerful blow or destroy Umami-infused objects, such as blocks that keep you away from certain areas of the map. You gain this power if you do everything you can to defeat the secret boss Topoda, which is located in Expired Grove. Level 2 makes Krill invincible while casting. Level 3 allows you to teleport in front of your enemy.

    I like this power at level 3; There’s nothing like being able to teleport to make dealing damage much easier. This power also interacts with the purple blocks in the world, making this the Adaptation I keep selected.

    1. Adaptation of the snail sanctuary

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    The Snail Sanctum allows you to obtain one of the shells needed to complete the Shell Finder achievement; Summons a shell of pure Umami if you are naked. To obtain this adaptation, you must defeat the boss Petroch in Unfathom. Level 2 gives Spirit Conch a conch spell. Level 3 Greatly improves the stats of a spirit conch.

    It’s my favorite adaptation as it can help cover you if you find yourself without a shell or return to a dangerous area to retrieve your things after a kill. However, I’m a fairly defensive player, so your mileage may vary.

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