How to get Bullet Spray in Destiny 2 Dawning 2022


    It’s snowing in Destiny 2 and the Tower is decorated with twinkling lights. Eva Levante is back with the annual Aurora celebration. Her return marks the beginning of the baking craze that she strangely possesses the Guardians. Using a variety of methods to gather ingredients from their enemies, the Guardians magically turn things like Bullet Spray into delicious baked goods.

    Where to find the Bullet Spray ingredient in Destiny 2

    Bullet Spray is generated by defeating opponents with automatic rifles, SMGY heavy machine guns. Essentially, the weapons that allow one to live out their inner ork fantasy and go “daka, daka, daka!” So as you go through your weekly routine, just make sure you have one of those three weapons equipped and the Bullet Spray ingredient should drop with no problem.

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    There are only two recipes that use Bullet Spray, Tapioca Telemetry Y blueberry crumbles. If you like automatic weapons and Banshee-44 or Shaw Han, then you know exactly who to bake for this season. Now that you know how to get it, go out and claim this elusive ingredient for the perfect baked good.

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