How to get more oxen in Manor Lords


    Building a modern medieval city requires advanced means: you must acquire advanced means of transportation. That means using an ox (a medieval truck) to do the heavy lifting for you. Here’s how to get more oxen in Manor Lords.

    Best Ways to Get More Oxen in Manor Lords

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    To get more oxen in Manor Lords, buy them from the Hitching Post and Small Stable buildings for 20 riches or import them from Livestock Trading Post. The Small Stable and Livestock Trading Post buildings each provide two Stable slots, while the Hitching Post has one.

    Oxen will speed up your logistics as they will bring heavy items like wood or planks much faster than workers. You would want more of these animals, but it takes some planning and money (regional wealth). Increase the number of ox buildings around the city Improve your transportation and construction process.. If you like farming (I don’t because it requires too much work), you can upgrade the process by using oxen in the fields (heavy plot farming in the Development upgrade).

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    How to Import Oxen through the Livestock Trading Post at Manor Lords

    At first, you’ll sort them through buildings. But as soon as you upgrade the trade through the skill tree on the Developments screen, you should start importing them through the Livestock Trading Post. That way they will cost 10 riches. Livestock trading post also works better because it gives you the option of buying a large number of Oxen. They will be delivered to your location once a month.

    The cattle trading post works like a normal trading post, meaning you need to set the number of oxen you want to import by selecting the Desired Surplus option. Once you reach that number, the merchant will stop importing them.

    Now that you know how to get more oxen in Manor Lords, find out How to Always Have Enough Food and Fuel in Manor Lords in MyFullGames.

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