How to Automatically Loot Items in Stellar Blade


    While putting Naytibas to the sword is a quick process in Stellar Blade, recovering the loot can be surprisingly a bit more complicated. However, there is a method to ensure you don’t miss out on any loot, so here’s our handy guide to explain it. How to Automatically Loot Items in Stellar Blade.

    How to enable auto loot in Stellar Blade

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    It’s no secret that most of the loot items found in Stellar Blade are… well, pretty small, and the game isn’t very clear on how to easily pick them up. Fortunately, there is a very reliable solution in the form of Auto Loot Settings that you can use to make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

    To enable auto loot, do the following:

    • Gonna Settings (either through the main menu or the pause menu)
    • Enter in the How to play eyelash
    • Scroll down to ‘Auto Loot Items’
    • Toggle the ‘Enabled’ option to enable it (be sure to click to confirm!)

    With auto-loot enabled, every item dropped after battle or from inside a container will automatically go to Eve’s inventory.

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    As you immerse yourself in Stellar Blade’s post-apocalyptic journey and get your bearings with the movement and combat aspects of the game, you’ll soon discover that gathering as many items as you can is equally essential to progress. Whether it’s Vitcoins, Refillable Cups, Fusion Cores, or whatever else you find in abandoned cityscapes, it’ll all prove important when you need to access hidden areas, overcome tough boss challenges, and upgrade Eve’s gear and skills. So make sure your sword is sharp and you have Auto Loot to nab all those post-apocalyptic treasures.

    This concludes our guide to How to Automatically Loot Items in Stellar Blade. We hope you found it useful and let us know how you are enjoying the game so far.

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