How to play the Warzone Cup game mode in Warzone 2



    The Season 1 Reloaded update for Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 brings new content, bug fixes, and various quality of life changes to the game. Along with the highly anticipated Shipment multiplayer map, the update also added a limited-time game mode called Warzone Cup to the free-to-play Warzone 2 Battle Royale game.

    How does the Warzone Cup mode work?

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    Available from December 14 to 23, Warzone Cup is an arcade-style vehicle soccer match between two teams of three players each. During the eight minutes that the game lasts, each team tries to score by sending the ball to the opposite goal. The first team to score five goals or the team with the highest score when the eight-minute timer expires wins.

    The game is played on the ATV vehicle with which you push the soccer ball. In Warzone Cup, players do not require their weapons unlike all other game modes in the first person shooter. You drive your vehicle around the field trying to score a goal on behalf of your team, without allowing the enemies to score.

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    Warzone Cup Tips

    • Use shock sticks: Shock Sticks appear on the ground and can be picked up simply by running over them. Aim and launch the gear when you see any enemy ATV near you. If they are hit by the Shock Stick, it will slow them down for a while.
    • use pulse: Pulse gives your vehicle a temporary speed boost that you can use to defend or score a goal. Once used, the Pulse charge takes a while to recharge, which can be seen in the blue bar next to your vehicle icon.
    • Destroy enemy vehicles.: Pulse can not only be used to kick the ball, but also to ram enemy vehicles and knock them out. This is the only way to eliminate a player in Warzone Cup. Once eliminated, it takes a few seconds for the player to respawn, which can allow you to score a goal.

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