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    In an open world survival game like Fallout 76, food can be one of the most important resources, and sadly hard to find. Because of this, you have to make do with what you find, which usually means something much less palatable than Mystery Candy. For example, while it’s gross, canned dog food is a reliable food source for you. However, where can you find such a waste delicacy in Fallout 76?

    Where to find canned dog food in Fallout 76

    There are actually quite a few places where you can find canned dog food, some of them are a guarantee and some are a random spawn. You can find the list of locations below:

    • Mama Dolce Food Processing: Along with the chance for canned dog food to randomly spawn in this area, three cans will spawn on the back porch of a house next to a White Springs Resort bus, and another next to a doghouse that can be found a meter from the first.
    • Mount Blair Train Yard: At the east end of the train yard, there is a green train car with the word USA printed in white letters. Two cans will spawn in this train car.
    • charleston landfill: Northwest of the landfill itself, there is a railway crossing with an underpass. A shopping cart will be next to a sleeping bag in this underpass. Dogfood can appear inside the shopping cart.
    • 98 NA Regional: You can find a cultist effigy north of this location. Near this, there should be a burning barrel. One can spawn on top of this barrel.
    • Grafton Dam: South of the dam, you can find a wooden boat. One can spawn inside the pot.

    All of the above locations list guaranteed locations, but along with the random spawn chance at Mama Dolce’s, Canned Dog Food can also randomly spawn at White Spring Golf Club, a food court northeast of Watoga Shopping Plaza, another food court. in upper Watoga Estates, and also in the main ballroom area of ​​the Son of Dane complex.

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    Perks that go with canned dog food in Fallout 76

    On the subject of canned dog food, some advantages will help you with the acquisition, as well as bonuses for eating it:

    • Can do!: While this perk doesn’t guarantee that you’ll find canned dog food, it does guarantee an additional canned item when you search for a food container, and that canned item has a chance of being canned dog food.
    • good puppy: This perk gives Canned Dog Food triple the hunger restoration and causes it to restore more health than Healing Salve from the start.

    One final note is that the Carnivore mutation also greatly benefits the consumption of canned dog food due to the bonuses gained from eating meat.

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