How to block on dark and darker



    Combat plays a big role in Dark and Darker, especially if you’re playing a melee-based class. These have to get up close and personal with monsters and other players, which means you’ll need to balance offense and defense. The best way to have a good defense is to master blocking, which might make you wonder how to block in Dark and Darker.

    Dark and Darker – Blockade Guide

    The first thing you’ll need when it comes to blocking in Dark and Darker is a armor. Without this element, you will not be able to block. With a shield equipped, use the the right button of the mouse to open it, and hold this button to keep your shield out. You can find some as loot in the dungeon if you don’t have a shield. However, this is not enough, since you need to tilt the shield.

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    Use the mouse to move the shield and block attacks. Attacks that come from above, such as overhead swings or arrows aimed at your head, will require you to move the shield up. The same goes for side or downward attacks.

    Only the fighter and cleric can equip shields, so these are the only classes to block. You can find shrines and protection potions, as well as equipped gear that provides protection. This will not block attacks, but it can reduce the amount of damage you take.

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