How to get the What’s the Matter? Sumeru Hidden Achievement in Genshin Impact



    What’s the matter? is a Genshin Impact Wonders of the World achievement that can be earned by getting all possible routes in a Daily Commission called Eat and Learn. A friendly NPC named Jafar will offer you various dishes to ease your fatigue, but he will only give you one dish at a time, so you need to meet him a minimum of three times before you can get this Achievement.

    How to enjoy three of Jafar’s dishes in Genshin Impact

    Eat and Learn is a Daily Commission that can only be earned on Sumeru. Since Commissions are distributed randomly per day, there is no way to guarantee this Achievement within a specific time period. However, you can increase your chances of getting by making sure your Commission location is set to Sumeru.

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    Upon getting the Eat and Learn Commission, head to Lambad’s Tavern, located next to the southern Teleport Waypoint in Sumeru City. Inside, talk to Jafar, who will ask you to provide him with an ingredient that he needs to prepare a dish:

    • mint – Delicious Bean Soup with Mint
    • potato – Delicious Panipuri
    • Raw meat – Delicious Shawarma Wrap

    you will only get a Request for the above whenever you get this Commission. Once you’ve run through all three, you’ll unlock the What’s Up? Achievement. However, Jafar’s requests can be repeated, so you may need to complete the Commission more than three times if you’re unlucky.

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