Where to find and fight the Consortium in Another Crab’s Treasure (Consortium trophy and achievement)


    I’ve enjoyed how diverse each boss battle has been, but the Consortium is definitely one of the most unique in the game. See how to defeat the Consortium in Another Crab’s Treasure and get the trophy or achievement for the kill.

    Where to find the secret boss of ‘The Consortium’ in Another Crab Treasure (Location)

    The Consortium is a secret boss in Another Crab’s Treasure located in the Valley of remains. However, you cannot access it through this area. Instead, you have to go to Oil drum moon snail shell.

    Head in the opposite direction of Curdled Town to find the purple umami block, which blocks the path to The Consortium. To break the block, you need the Mantis Punch adaptation. If you don’t have it yet, then you have to defeat it. First the guardian of the Topoda grove. Once you do that, he returns to this area and destroys the cube.

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    Once you pass through it, a path will be revealed to you. Go up to the right and you will finally be at the platforms I’ve been trying to climb for what seems like forever at Grove. Be careful here, since there are Many enemies that can knock you down and force you to back away.

    This path will take you to Flotsam Vale and The Consortium. Get ready for a unique fight, as this boss is a cage full of crabs.

    How to beat the consortium to another crab’s treasure

    You might think you need to hit the crabs inside the cage, but instead you’ll have to aim for the green ropes. Each of these ropes has its own health bar and you will have to destroy them to defeat the Consortium boss.

    This boss loves to receive over you and then falls suddenly, causing a lot of damage. You’ll have to work hard to stay out of the way. There is two hooks in this area which you must use to move since The Consortium is quite fast. Use them to climb up the cage and attack the ropes on top like this.

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    you can still get shot and hit When you are on top of the boss, so be careful with the attacks while destroying the ropes. I prefer to use the Bubble Bullet adaptation in this battle as it allows me to deal damage from afar. This keeps you out of immediate danger and gives you enough time to get out of the way of any incoming attacks. However, make sure you’re attached to one of the ropes when you attack, or you won’t deal any damage. When it comes to shells, I always prefer to have extra health with the hidden shell just in case.

    Once you defeat the Consortium, you will obtain the Tactical tentacle adaptation. which has quickly become one of my favorites. As you attack with the fork, the Umami tentacle will also slash enemies, helping you defeat them.

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