Where to Find a Light Source for the Unfathom Area in Another Crab’s Treasure (Map)


    The Unfathom is a late-game location at the bottom of the ocean from Another Crab’s Treasure. When Krill is down there, it will be a challenge to see your claw in front of your face. To be able to see around you better, you should take the strange lighting stowaway.

    Once you drop into Unfathom, there will be some light from the surrounding glow sticks, but it will still be incredibly dark down there. The first time I passed through this sunless area, I didn’t find the bright lanternfish, which made traversing the depths much more challenging.

    Lanternfish Stowaway Location in Another Crab’s Treasure

    To light your way, you’ll have to pick up the stowaway Lanternfish. It will be located in a Styrofoam castle container in this part of Unfathom. It’s near the remains of the pirate-themed pinball machine, near where you meet the professor again. It will be a bright red object inside the Styrofoam container.

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    To use the Lanternfish pet in Another Crab’s Treasure, you must replace one of the two Stowaway slots in the menu with Lanternfish. This small, shiny black fish will light up the area around you and keep you company on your journey.

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    If you confront the fish, you can even pet it; just look for the button that appears on the screen. On the Switch it was the

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