Demon Piece Races Tier List – All Races Ranked


    Demon Piece is a Roblox game that is inspired by anime. You can choose from several breeds, but some are clearly better than others. That’s why I created this Demon Piece tier list, ranking all races from strongest to weakest.

    Demon Piece Races Tier List in Roblox

    Demon features a total of seven races, and here’s how they performed during my playthrough:

    Level Heroes
    Yes Fishman, Lunarian
    TO Cyborg, mink, skypian
    b Oni
    c Human
    d None

    The best races in Demon Piece

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    S Level

    • lunarian: Lunaria is by far the best and rarest race in Demon Piece. You only have a 5% chance of unlocking the lunar race through the game’s gacha system. The Lunarian, being the rarest race, is quite effective against bosses like Sand Dragon, Thunder God, and Arlong, who have huge hit points. Lunarian’s fire ability deals double burn damage to enemies, while you have a chance to set them on fire using the M1 Burn.
    • Fisherman: The Fishman has a 15% drop rate when you use the dash spin in the game. As for his abilities, Fishman allows you to swim faster, which he used to use to face the attacks of sea monsters and escape the heat of battle. The best part is that he could also carry a fruit while he swam, which ultimately provided a significant benefit during battles.

    Level A

    • cyborg: However, many Demon players are having difficulty unlocking Fishman and Lunarian due to their low drop rate. If you find yourself in the same situation, I recommend grabbing Cyborg, who works best against enemies like Renier, Morgain or Buggy. Although these bosses don’t bring a huge health bar to the fight, Cyborg’s power “5% additional damage” The perk will allow you to quickly accumulate fights and farm many useful resources.
    • Mink: Since Mink provides essential buffs such as +15% Movement Speed ​​and +15% Stamina, I have decided to place it in the Tier A category. I highly recommend using Mink if you are a passive player. However, remember that this particular race only has a 15% drop rate, making it a relatively rare drop.
    • Skype: Like other A-tier races, Skypian grants useful abilities to your character. First, you get the ability to jump higher in the game, which I used to use to reach heights and elevated structures. Furthermore, you can combine it with a lot of materials to get additional benefits and gain an advantage over your opponent. Fortunately, Skypian has a slightly higher drop rate (20%) compared to other A-level races.


    • Oni: During my playthrough, I discovered that Oni is a pretty decent race that can do your job if you can’t unlock any other races in Demon Piece. Oni provides a 10% boost to the Sword Resistance aspect, while Fighting Style Resistance is also increased by 10%.

    Level C

    • Human: It’s one of the races you’ll acquire early in the game due to its high drop rate, but I don’t recommend sticking with it for too long as it doesn’t provide any benefits to your character. As a result, it is not worth using at all and you should ignore it completely.

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    How to unlock races in Demon Piece

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    The main method of unlocking races in Demon Pieces is to use the race replay feature, which requires spending race spins. These spins can be purchased from the Roblox store, meaning you must spend Robux to acquire them.

    However, redeeming Demon Pieces codes is a lucrative way to get these free career spins, but they are only available for a limited time.

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