GTA IV cheat codes: all codes for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC


    The ever-popular GTA IV puts you in the shoes of Niko Belic, a newcomer to Liberty City, who immigrated to the country looking to make the world his oyster! This legendary franchise still traditionally lets you wreak havoc on the city streets, but introduces new activities like binge drinking and bowling with your NPC friends.

    Codes for GTA IV will allow players to wreak havoc more efficiently by giving them access to different vehicles and weapons, as well as money. Some codes will spawn specific car models in front of them, while others will recharge the player’s health bar and lower the wanted level. They can be used during the game as many times as the players want. For more cheat codes, check out Valheim Cheats & Console Commands, Gunblood Cheat Codes, 1 on 1 Soccer Cheat Codes, The Final Earth 2 Secret Codes, and Pokémon Emerald Cheat Codes List.

    List of all GTA IV codes

    GTA IV Cheat Codes for PC, PS3, Xbox360

    • 362-555-0100 — Redeem to restore Nico’s health and armor to full
    • 482-555-0100 — Redeem to restore Nico’s health, armor, and ammo to full
    • 486-555-0150 — Redeem to get a Knife, Molotovs, Pistol, Pump Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, Combat Sniper, and RPG
    • 486-555-0100 — Redeem to get Baseball Bat, Grenades, Combat Pistol, Combat Shotgun, Submachine Gun, Carbine Rifle, Combat Sniper, RPG
    • 267-555-0100 — Redeem to remove all stars from Wanted
    • 267-555-0150 — Redeem to increase Nico’s wanted level by one star
    • 468-555-0100 — Redeem to toggle between eight types of weather
    • 359-555-0100 — Redeem to spawn Killer Police Helicopter in front of Niko
    • 265-555-2423 — Redeem to spawn the Banshee car in front of Niko
    • 227-555-0142 — Redeem to spawn a Cognoscenti car in front of Niko
    • 227-555-0175 — Redeem to spawn a Comet car in front of Niko
    • 227-555-0100 — Redeem to spawn an FBI Buffalo car in front of Niko
    • 938-555-0100 — Redeem to spawn a Jetmax ship in front of Niko
    • 625-555-0100 — Redeem to spawn the NRG-900 bike in front of Niko
    • 625-555-0150 — Redeem to spawn a SuperGT car against Niko
    • 227-555-0147 — Redeem to spawn a Turismo car in front of Niko

    GTA IV: Lost and the Damned cheat codes

    • 826-555-0150 — Redeem to spawn a Turismo car in front of Niko
    • 245-555-0125 — Redeem to spawn a Double T bike against Niko
    • 245-555-0199 — Redeem to spawn the Hakuchou bike in front of Niko
    • 245-555-0150 — Redeem to spawn the Hexer bike in front of Niko
    • 245-555-0100 — Redeem to spawn the Innovation motorcycle in front of Niko
    • 826-555-0100 — Redeem to spawn a Slamvan car in front of Niko

    GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Cheat Codes

    • 486-555-2526 — Redeem to get explosive sniper rifle bullets
    • 276-555-2666 — Redeem for Super Strength Hits
    • 625-555-0200 — Redeem to spawn the Akuma motorcycle in front of Niko
    • 272-555-8265 — Redeem to spawn an APC car against Niko
    • 227-555-9666 — Redeem to spawn a Bullet GT car against Niko
    • 359-555-2899 — Redeem to spawn a Buzzard helicopter in front of Niko
    • 938-555-0150 — Redeem to spawn a floating boat in front of Niko
    • 359-555-7272 — Redeem to get a parachute
    • 625-555-3273 — Redeem to spawn Vader motorcycle vs. Niko

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    How to redeem codes in GTA IV

    Redeeming the codes in GTA IV is easy, just follow our instructions below.

    • Throw GTA IV on your device.
    • Press Up on your keyboard, D-pad, or controller, depending on which platform you’re using, to open the phone.
    • Press Up again to use the dial pad.
    • Enter the codes on the phone.

    How can you get more GTA IV codes?

    The developers have released all the codes for GTA IV at the launch of the game. Since the game is old, it is unlikely that Rockstar Games will release any more codes in the future.

    Why are my GTA IV codes not working?

    There can be several reasons why your GTA IV codes are not working. When entering codes on the phone manually, typos can sometimes occur. Always make sure you write the codes correctly. If you’re playing on PC, the best method to redeem the codes is to copy and paste them directly into the game. Since the codes have been released since the game came out, they will never expire and are reusable throughout the game.

    How to get a girlfriend in GTA IV?

    Getting a girlfriend in GTA IV is easy. There are five female characters in GTA IV that are dataable. Two of them can be dated by advancing through the main story. Just do main quests to get to the point where you can date them. Michelle and Kate are directly interlinked in the game’s main story, while the other three can be dated via an in-game online dating system.

    What is GTA IV?

    GTA IV is a third-person open-world free-roaming game in which the player assumes the role of Niko Belic, a man who immigrates to the game’s New York counterpart called Liberty City. The goal of the player is to complete story missions to progress the narrative, as well as engage in other criminal activities in the form of side quests and mini-games. The GTA franchise is famous for letting players run wild through in-game cities, and this installment takes it to a whole new level by improving the graphics and level design.

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