How is Crisis Core FF7 Reunion different from the PSP version?


    If you’ve already played Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on PSP but are interested in embracing your dreams once again, then you’ll want to know the difference between that and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Let’s discuss them,

    Differences between Crisis Core Reunion and Crisis Core PSP

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    Crisis Core Reunion is a remake in the truest of senses. It retells the story from Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, but remade the game to fit modern platforms. They also fixed the complaints that people had with the original game. Below are the main differences between Crisis Core Reunion and the original Crisis Core for PSP:

    • Graphics. Everything from the character models to the maps has been completely redone from the ground up using Unreal Engine 4. The cinematics are also footage taken from UE4.
    • user interface. Crisis Core Reunion has adapted the user interface used in Final Fantasy VII: Remake.
    • Voices. In the PSP version, only a select number of scenes were dubbed. Crisis Core Reunion doubled everything, even the NPCs you talk to in the Shinra building. The Japanese dub has kept its actors, but the English cast is the same people in Final Fantasy VII: Remake.
    • Music. While Crisis Core Reunion kept Takeharu Ishimoto’s scores, the mixes were tweaked a bit, similar to Final Fantasy VII: Remake updating some of its music.

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    Crisis Core Reunion Gameplay Changes

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    Crisis Core for the PSP received a mixed reception mainly for one thing: the gameplay. Crisis Core Reunion has overcome many of the shortcomings of the original game in terms of gameplay. Below is a list of the main changes:

    • Can now lock targets
    • Zack can run, which makes traveling much faster.
    • Cutscenes are now skippable, which is a huge relief since they appear all the time in the middle of battle.
    • Items now have a sort feature
    • Now you know what Materia is produced before you merge them.
    • Non-scene dialogue can advance automatically

    Other gameplay changes include limited control mapping, mid-game difficulty adjustment, and other features that can be toggled in the Crisis Core Reunion settings, such as camera distance. In fact, Crisis Core Reunion borrows many of its customization features from Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

    Does Crisis Core Reunion change history?

    As mentioned, Crisis Core Reunion is a faithful retelling of the original PSP game. If you’re expecting remake levels of Final Fantasy VII: Remake, this isn’t it. Consider it a more perfect prequel to Final Fantasy VII. You don’t have to play Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII on PSP to enjoy this game.

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